Medical condition - Confused!?!?!?

Prepared to be flamed and abused but if anyone can clear this up Thanks in advance.

I am finally getting round to joining the TA after very hectic period moving house and the like....

Just have a few concerns about an old injury I had from about 2 years ago where I broke my ankle and ended up with some internal fixation work being done. Now two years on, feel fit as a fiddle can run on it, got full rotation back, play football, rugby you name it.

Now looking on the army jobs website I see it mentions:

Please see below for a list of some of the conditions that may make you unsuitable for Army enlistment.

Bone or Joint Problems

Lower limb fractures with internal fixation (metalwork) still in place

However having looked at a AFCO Form 5 it states that it is a condition that is permanently unsuitable for joining the forces.

I could understand if both literature pieces were the same and really want to clarify which is correct and so not waste anyone's time if needs be but I read into that you might get in on the website and then no chance on the other.

I've tried clarifying this on the online careers office tonight but the reply I got was that they cannot answer medical questions and asked that I write details of my medical condition down in a sealed envelope and post it in to my local army careers office for the attention of SO2 or relevant medical officer who will get back to me.

I intend to do this but just wondered if anyone can provide any info up front.

Any help appreciated.
CLICKY HERE, read that first, if still confused post on this thread again.

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