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Evening. Hope you can help

Been going back to med centre for least 6 years with chronic back pains and a tingling , pin needles in my hands and arms and my hands feeling cold all the time ( three diffrent med centre over the uk ) all just packed me of with over the counter pain relife temp down graded

I been going back with all the same things but each time stronger pains , been told I had tennis elbow after been told to pick up a chair with the worse arm then got told I had trapped nerves then my bone my back was concrete calcified had some phyio but no matter pain got worse

I just got packed off I sure thought I was just trying to get of pt which I wasn't , think the doctors thought I was making it up

Done a few tours in this pain and carried on as best I could daily in pain

This year the pain got so bad I was put on pain relife called gabapentin which blocks the pain to ur brain ( used to tread seizures to appently) doesn't work
Finally I saw a new gp and begged her to send my for a MRI as the pain is just unbearable in all my back , arms etc finally got my results syringomyelia which is a cyst on the back bone which left untreated if reaches ur lumber could end in a wheelchair , as mine been there 6 years it has grown in size from c2 to c7 with all the carrying heavy bags and weekly pt and running around etc has made it worse as no gp over last 6 year was willing to investage it ( thought It was in my head )

The new Gp is very surprised I was never referred for a MRI in last 6 years as she read my notes I been in and out of Meds centre with same symtoms just stronger each time and clearly was and is in pain

This is needing a op to remove and a few mth off I should be back to normal carry on with the four year left I have in the army , just need requally scans to make sure doesn't come back etc

Can any one tell me if this is medical neglect reading some of the legal no win fees website it is as I was never referred for investagtion and left in chronic pain for years which I never begged this new gp last mth I would not be walking in a few year time as it would kept growing .

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get yourself a consultation with a solicitors firm that deal in medical issues.

They will advise

I'd suggest that from what you are saying , that your medical history spells out clearly a lack of progress of treatment or diagnosis that you might have a case.

Keep your powder dry, don't let on, you don't want your note falling down the back of a filing cabinet and seek advice

This shit does happen quick regularly with unit moves and different MOs

Get well soon

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