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Any help , making a claim thru pax and found out that there is paperwork missing from my file ( fmed5 ) what can I do ?
I'm no medical ninja, but I believe most medical docs are now stored on DMICP (the new medics IT system).

You could ask your Med Centre to have a peek at it to see if the information you need is on there?
hi i did but because the bit of paper is a fmed5 done in 2003 , its not on the DMICP ( due to someone not inputting on ) its the only bit i need for a claim with pax ( they need to see date and what happend for injury) if it can,t be found then i,am out of pocket to quiet a bit of money ,


The first thing I would do is ask people on the internet.

Not ask the MO, or someone in the med centre to chase it up and escalate if necessary, or possibly pull your hardcopy file from some basement.......that would be silly.
MO is a civvie his answer was ermmmm ? and the practice manager was just as helpfull , asking on here to see if anyone else has gone thru the same thing cheers
From time to time documents can get lost.

If you required hospital treatment - the hospital will hold their own records. Your Med Centre will know this and should have checked if this is the case.

As someone previously mentioned, put this to the Practice Manager in writing - talking is not enough. They have 28 days to resolve the problem and give you a good response as to why it got lost and all they have done to retrieve your missing information. As soon as the complaint is in, the clock is ticking and they will be motivated to resolve your problem.

Another thought - are you speaking to civvies or green?
it,s not for a hospital treatment but for a claim with pax without the fmed5 they won,t pay out, mainly green ( v new green ) and civvies as MO,
1) Write to Practice Manager - be polite as not to receive "snotogram" in reply. The complaints policy should be clearly displayed in the reception area which gives you a guide i think they have 2 days to reply to your complaint and 28 days to sort it.
2) If he/she does not help - go above them to their line manager which is APHCS you can find them on defence intranet.
3) If you had any treatment outside of the med centre, eg, cold injury clinic, MRI, headley court as a few examples speak to them to see what they hold.
4) If none of the above helps, book an appointment with the SMO to discuss the issue and see what they can do to help. They may be able to write a letter confirming that you did indeed suffer an injury or illness but unfortunately the original document has been lost.


Isn't the FMed 5 the little brown booklet that records all your operational vaccinations and stuff like that?
Isn't the FMed 5 the little brown booklet that records all your operational vaccinations and stuff like that?
No that's a 965.

An fmed 5 is literally a piece of paper with lines on!!

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