Medical Centers - Why does my Rank matter.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by WOIII, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. I've just come off the phone to the Med Cen in JHQ (it was 1030) enquring about parading sick with a suspected ear infection, the first question i was asked was

    Med Cen: "Whats your Rank fella?"

    WOIII: "Cpl Mate"

    Med Cen: "Ohh, well you can only parade sick between 0830 and 0930 hrs"

    WOIII: "What if my ear didnt hurt at 0830 but it hurts now?"

    Med Cen: "Well, you need to parade at your unit admin office and obtain a F Med blah blah blah, then get your OC to sign it, then you can parade sick."

    WOIII: "You what? What if i was a SNCO, a Sgt lets say?"

    Med Cen: "Ahh that wouldnt be a problem, your "managment" and so can certify yourself sick"

    Now i have to drive around camp getting forms signed and parading infront of people just to go sick. W@nkers

    What the fcuk is that all about?
  2. Because seniors wouldnt have gobbed off and whinged like a girl for not getting their own way.

    Special sick is for things that happen after sick parade, there are appointments after sick parade, that is why there are set times for it, if people could saunter in when they want for sick parade then the appointment system would go to rat-shite.

  3. Disagree.

    It's just snobbery. Everyone is born equal, but some are more equal than others.

    The fact of the matter is that as a Tom, you are not as important as others. Do you think you CO has to wait for an appointment? Does he feck.

    That the army, young fella me lad, get used to it.
  4. I hope you paraded at the Medical Centre, in No 2 dress, with best boots, carrying your small pack? :)
  5. [/quote]

    FF, come off it! To rephrase you (if I may), "what would happen if people went to the med centre when they got sick".

    Oh, heavens forbid. That, my friend, would be outrageous!
  6. The real question is what would happen if people just sloped off the Medical Centre when they said they were sick ? :)
  7. Cant have the riff raff mingling with "The Management". What are you wanting, just to turn up when you want?? What about all the other stuff you are suppose to be doing??? When is that going to get done.
  8. I think you'll probably find they would have gobbed off more but would have said things like "I'm a Sgt you know".

    As far as this subject goes I think its a fcuking disgrace.

    This for me just proves that healthcare in the services is a joke.

    A Cpl cannot go sick outside of the morning hour because he needs his bosses signed authority first. I hope its nothing serious or your fcuked.
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Could be worse:

    Me now civi - Ring docs, got an ear infection need to see doc.

    Reception - have you booked an appointment.

    Me - no it's only just happened.

    Reception - I'll book you in for next Thursday.

    Stop whinging, it's not great but at least you'll see someone.
  10. remind me where it says the Army is a democracy? He needs his bosses authority because he is a JNCO, end off. Dont like it, join the RAF
  11. you can incorrectly rephrase me if you like. I didnt say he couldnt go sick, just that if a person needs to go sick outside of sick parade times then they go special sick and are given an appointment, which will be on that day. you cant just turn up when you want due to times outside sick parade being put aside for appointments.
    care to incorrectly rephrase anything else?
  12. Good point, the RAF medical centres must be pure anarchy what with all that being able to think for yourself and all.

    But as far as I've seen, every RAF med centre I've been in they are no diffrent to Army ones. No extra chaos caused.

    I understand that you are always going to get slackers looking for a skive, but are you not also going to get them at 0830 hrs.

    A full Cpl in most corps is someone to be relied upon, in infantry companys they are generally really senior guys. Why then do they have to be judged before they can be determined to be ill.
  13. remind me where it says the Army is a democracy? He needs his bosses authority because he is a JNCO, end off. Dont like it, join the RAF[/quote]

    What does the right to vote have to do with this?

    He is a JNCO, does rank give you the authority to be ill?

    End Of (i assume you mean) - you now have the right to end all discussion?
  14. If you were symptom free at 0830 but had ear ache at 1030 this tells me you should probably be able to wait until the next day (unless it was excrutiating or you had an insect in there or something).

    We, the nursing profession, would probably label someone like you "a bit precious".

    If it was that bad it would not be such an arrse ache to go special sick and if it was horrendous the med centre would see you without all the paperwork bullsh1t.

    In summary: Life in a green suit mate. Work hard, get promoted and go sick whenever you jolly well please.
  15. WOIII - To let you know mate, your med centre is being unethical and i would challenge them.

    Best thing to do is book a doctors appt rather than going to sick parade. All personnel what ever your rank are allowed an appt. If they ask the problem state personal. That will get you an appt in the next day or so.

    If you have problems make a complaint that you feel your med centre are not offering you an appt on the grounds of your rank and are asking you to divulge medical info to non medical staff.