Medical Center - Why does my rank matter??

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by WOIII, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. I've just come off the phone to the Med Cen in JHQ (it was 1030) enquring about parading sick with a suspected ear infection, the first question i was asked was

    Med Cen: "Whats your Rank fella?"

    WOIII: "Cpl Mate"

    Med Cen: "Ohh, well you can only parade sick between 0830 and 0930 hrs"

    WOIII: "What if my ear didnt hurt at 0830 but it hurts now?"

    Med Cen: "Well, you need to parade at your unit admin office and obtain a F Med blah blah blah, then get your OC to sign it, then you can parade sick."

    WOIII: "You what? What if i was a SNCO, a Sgt lets say?"

    Med Cen: "Ahh that wouldnt be a problem, your "managment" and so can certify yourself sick"

    Now i have to drive around camp getting forms signed and parading infront of people just to go sick. W@nkers

    What the fcuk is that all about?
  2. Thats the forces for you....
  3. Just wait till you are a civvy and try to make an appointment.:)
  4. Totally especially dental. Youll be laughing at how easy it was in green.

  5. Its called the Army you soft shite, its in place to ensure the med centre doesnt turn to rat shite when you PT dodgers turn up with ear ache on the same day as a tab.

    Do as was suggested, get a special sick chit signed and youll be seen on the same day.
  6. Naaah, try my old CSM's remedy - "jez luik in the bog mirror, grit yer teeth and shout SCUTZ GAAARDZZ then ye dinna hiv tae go seek"
  7. Why two threads in different forums on the same subject?

    Didn't someone get the love and support he was looking for the first time around?
  8. Are you still banging on about this WOIII, having been shown your arrse in the PQO Forum?

    Until you get to be a Sgt, you have to fill in the form, get your boss to sign it, then you can go sick.

    Which bit of that isn't clear?

    If you feel hard done by, then wait until you leave the Army, where you won't get an appointment the same day and still have to go see you manager before they let you down tools and head off to the med centre.
  9. Firstly it's an ear infection... It takes more than one days course of anti biotics to get rid off, so it will be there tomorrow.

    You can't go today so when do you go?

    That's right tomorrow...

    Bloody girl...
  10. so WO111, can you feel the love?
  11. To be fair I can sympathese(?).

    I remember once going sick (stragiht to the medcen) with blood p1ssing out of my ear canal. I was told to go and get one of thse magic emergency sick chits things, filled out in red, by the MedCen SSgt.

    I walked in to the Tp Sgts office (practically passed out at this point) and asked for a chit, he promptly filled one in (In black) I pointed out I needed it in red, but he said don't worry, and go back to the medcen (with a LCpl).

    Fortunately it was only an ear infection. Nothing too major. Had recently completed a harsh march and shoot (at the weekend for champion sqn), I had sneezed on that morning and been literally brought to my knees by the pain in my ears, it started to bleed (and gurgle) about 2 - 3 days later.

    What a fcuking stupid system.
  12. Hey from what you say frog he has at least 2-3 days before the bleeding starts... He can still go tomorrow :D
  13. The Army Primary Healthcare Services have a formal complaint system. If you have concerns about the level of care received then you should raise it through the official channels. All complaints have to be dealt with and reported up the chain.

    By using the official system your concerns will be heard by the people who can actually make a difference. A post on this website is unlikely to achieve any improvements in service.

  14. He has no real complaint, he turned up at the med centre outside of sick parade timings, a simple phone call would have booked him an appointment for that day.
  15. So why can't the Medcen just book him in there and then? Or can they only take appointments through the medium of telephoney?

    If he was stood at the counter but phoned them on his mobile would that help?

    I understand why they have sick parade timings, and I can see how just rocking up might be a bit of a drama. But if you need to go sick, why not?
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