medical cadetship

In my final of year of medical school having signed up for my cadetship 2 years ago.

Have had a change of heart and no longer have the desire to become a medical officer.

Does anyone know what my obligation is to the army? Is it possible to leave and pay my cadetship back?
Or do i have to commit to my return of service no matter what? How much would i have to pay if it were possible to leave?

Any experience of any other people in similar situations?

You've taken the Queen's shilling for X amount of years which has enabled you to enjoy a better standard of living than your peer group. Now is the time to do your payback and get some time in. You will experience a broad variety of situations and meet some top people (and some kn0bs too - but you will always get them). If you do your minimum commission period, you can walk with your head held high and take what you have gained back into civvy street. If you back out now, you will have to pay the dosh back (I think that is the arrangement - AMD can offer guidance) and in years to come there will always be a little voice in the back of your mind asking 'what if?' What is more, your peer group at Uni, and fellow Medical Cadets will remember you as the to$$er that backed out at crunch time.
I very much echo CaptainChaos's comments. Here's a few thoughts to mull over ...

(1) A significant part of your 6 years will be spent in MDHUs - ie in NHS hospitals.
(2) The RAMC almost guarantee you your specialist training. Have you seen how difficult it is to get on rotations to train to be a GP, Surgeon or A&E Doctor in civvie street?

However, if you choose not to serve you should (i) be able to give a credible account of the reasons why to your Commanding Officer and (ii) pay back the cash that the MOD has pushed in your direction in the form of sponsorship. I see these as moral obligations.

Ultimately, if you are sure that the job isn't for you, then you should leave - our soldiers deserve medical staff who are motivated and want to be there - rather than a Doc just serving out their time.
I know a couple of people who have changed their mind. I believe you have to pay back the education part of your cadetship which isn't a great deal compared with the total you've received check with AMD for exact figures. If you're not sure about it don't do it, I know people who have gone into it half-hearted and hated deployments etc. Hard to put up with some of the shit if your heart isn't really in it. Hope it works out for you


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