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I am currently a CMT2 with the TA (7 years) looking to do a CMT1 course followed by a tour of Afghan early 2012. After which, I plan on going back to university to train to be a doctor on a 4 year Graduate programme (Sept 2012).

I wanted to know a thing things about the cadetship;
can post-graduates / mature students apply?
how competitive are they / how many places are on offer?
what sort of things do they look for?
when to apply?
etc etc.

Ill be sitting the exams for Med school in September, and dont want to miss any of the cadet application process when on tour - is it possible to apply early?

Any advice would be great!


Hi, I was asking the same thing and have applied for the recruitment pack. It seems however that the web portal is f*cked. I keep getting an error message after filling in all my details.
What a waste of time.

I'm an ex medical cadet now serving PQO. The scheme is getting tightened substantially, to the point where it may be under threat. It's never too early to start making noises - ring the recruiting colonel on Camberley 2730 and sort out an acquaint visit. This is a mandatory step, regardless of previous service. It will be a fierce fight, but if you want it then give it a shot. One thing to bear in mind, however, is that certain specialties are not being appointed, so don't join planning to be an SF plastic surgeon unless you're willing to re-think careers to stay in or are prepared to do your SSC then look for an NTN as a civvy.

As far as qualities are concerned, think about what makes a military medical officer. This isn't necessarily soldier service; although this is a benefit, don't take it for granted. First and foremost, you need to be at the top of your game professionally and have the added extra dimension to offer. Sports, leadership or being demonstrably good at whatever hobbies you have all help. Trauma is important, but don't make the mistake of thinking all we want is ally docs who'll get out on patrol. You need to have a level head, good decision making and clear powers of communication, sometimes in the face of telling the chain what they don't want to hear.

PM me if you need more help, and bonne chance!
i am currently a final year med student who did graduate entry medicine, i got my cadetship a few years ago just before they massively slashed the numbers (they still reduced our year to 30). I spoke to the colonel in charge of us all the other day so if you want any up to date information PM me.

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