Medical Cadetship/Officer selection process

Please excuse me if this is in the wrong place, I'm new and the locked stickies confuse me a little.

I'm just trying to get my head around the whole selection process and timings in-between stages. I'm right at the beginning with my interest form being 'accepted' and being invited to an interview with my ACA. I am hoping for the Medical Cadetship as a doctor.

I hope to go for the AOSB between May 2013 - May 2014 (between the end on my last A level year and mid 1st year at uni)


Interest Form submitted > 1 day - 5 weeks > ACA interview > (time period?) > Formal interview? > (time period?) > Fam visit to corps? > (time period?) > AOSB Briefing > (time period?) > AOSB Main Board > (time period?) > RAMC ASB > Finish Medical degree > (time period?) > RMAS

I know there is no exact answer but vague guesses are welcome. I started this whole process rather early as I am still in my AS (first) year at 6th form and don't plan on the AOSB for another year but I think earlier is better so everything is in place.

Also the Medical degree I wish to take is 6 years instead of 5 and I believe the AOSB is only valid for 5 years so what will happen there? Will I be required to do it at the end of my first year of uni only?

And if you wish to laugh at my fitness and run times I can give you a field day because I haven't been active since I was 14 and only started running two weeks ago. And I'm female. (did I just say that? yes, with valid reason :-o)

1.5 mile: 16.87 minutes
Press ups: 0
Knee press ups: 26 in 1 minute
Sit ups: 15 before I'm knackered

I have a year to get ready so right now I'm not worried that I have the fitness levels of a dying daffodil

Cheers, Grace
On second thoughts, ignore the 1.5 mile run because all I did was look at my timing for my 4 mile run and divided it to suit 1.5 miles. Then again, probably not much difference.


You will need to check but I'm pretty sure Medical Cadetships don't start until after you have completed 3 years of your degree. I don't think there is any special reason why you shouldn't do briefing and Main Board before then, but you won't get the Cadetship until afterwards. Secondly, professionally qualified AMS candidates do their own special version of Main Board at Westbury and I don't know if a pass at a 'normal' Main Board would be valid for a Medical Cadetship. I do know of some medical students at UOTCs who have done Main Board in order to allow them to go to RMAS to do the TA Commissioning Course for service in the UOTC/TA.

So, in summary: get in touch with an 'Army Careers Advisor (Officers)' via the Army recruiting website, or visit your local Armed Forces Careers Office, tell them that you are planning to read Medicine at university and are interested in an army career afterwards. They will give you armfuls of recruiting bumf, but with any luck will also put you in touch with the Army medical Services recruiting people who will give you some sensible information and guidance.

Finally, don't worry too much about fitness just now, but it will be sensible to carry on from where you are now and keep building it up so that you don't have any dramas when the time eventually comes.

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