Medical Cadetship as an "Oldie"

Hi all - I have been on this site for a while and so have made the plunge and joined - now I have a question of my own!

I am after any info from anyone here with any experience of Medical Cadetships. I understand that the best place is by phoning the AMS direct, but want to keep this informal for now, in case I get a flat NO! or ripples of laughter.

I am starting Med School in September and I am interested in following the route of a medical cadetship in the army.

One difference from a normal recruit maybe the fact that I will be 33 when I start, which means I will be pushing 40 at Foundation 2 - am I too old to apply for a cadetship?

Congrats on getting into med school. This is quite unusual and I suspect that no standard reply exists. Definitely worth phoning the AMS as they will be the only ones who really know.

If I were you I'd also wait till you get there before you make such a huge commitment. The stuff that you will do in the army differs somewhat with the standard NHS stuff so its worth finding things out. Having spoken to a number of consultants both in green and civvy street I have found out that the army is not ideal if you are interested in certain specialties and some are entirely closed to you altogether

Out of interest, where are you going to med school? PM me if you want.
I Commissioned alongside a Vicars & Tarts Course and there were some on the latter who looked as if they'd been Cadets under Florence Nightingale!

Things might have changed since then, mind...
Should be no problem getting a cadetship even at that age, you can still give more than the return of service you will be contracted for.

They still give golden hellos to docs in their 50s. So, as far as I know you could get a professional graduate loan (or whatever they are called for law and medicine students) from a bank. They pay for everything while you study at a good interest rate. Then when qualified you can sign up and get a golden hello to pay some of the loan off. Just an idea.

If you dont mind me asking, what did you do before now, and what uni/course you heading to? Did you have to do the dreaded GAMSAT?

Im in the same boat myself. PM for privacy.

Good luck.