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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by R3me_Kid, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Do all the Services Share the same medical board??
  2. No......some use a proctoscope others use a vagina speculum....
    but it's your choice what you go for!!!!!!
  3. haha smart arse,
    well my situation is i got turned down by the army till next summer
    so i was wonderin if i could try and join the marines, and they would have different standards
  4. You're being quite vague - what were you turned down for, and as this is a public forum you may not want to reveal that info, but it's difficult to say whether another service would have you without knowing why you were deferred.
  5. ok ill jus come out with it

    Overdose, although my doctor wrote the notes, in no way possible does it look like it was on purpose (although it was), it just says poisioning

    im tryin to find the letter as i got the letter last october
  6. Being a ex nurse.(old).........and you have had a Overdose problem.....
    I would suggest you look far away from HM Forces....
  7. whys that? because you think id do it again?

  8. Only you know that when under pressure!!!!!
  9. i know where your coming from, it happend when i was 15...stupid mistake really, everyone makes mistakes, ive wanted to join the Forces for as long as i know, and it is what i want, i wonder if i try again, and appeal..

  10. Banter to your ACIO...and GP.....keep the pressure on to enlist......dont give up!!!!!
  11. thanks, will i have to talk to my ACIO about the actual reason? im a little ashamed about it

  12. Tell the cannot go wrong.......if you lie and they find out later......big problems...... = all in all good luck!!!!