Medical board

Hello again,

I am soon to go on a med board to assess my suitability for further mil service or other... Basically headed for a med discharge.

I had been told that the board sits without me having to attend, today I received a letter explaining where and when I have to report for the board. Am I missing something or are there several varieng forms of boards?

My injury includes PTSD and brain injuries including memory loss + persisting problems (just in case this may clarify my case).

I fully understand that there may not be an answer yet I have become an old worryguts as this process is nigh on 2 years running now and has left me drained.

Bumping this as posted really late at night when I should have been tucked up
I sat on my board with a Brigadier and my RMO. Don't quite understand the logic of it if you're not there!!
Yeah, true Ronnie, I thought that when I was being told it sits 'on its own' but I haven't had one yet and also most people who have sat on one are out!!!!

Ta Ronnie...
The Brigadier actually asks you questions (wekll he did me anyway) whether you are happy with your situation and he wants your view on things as well, eg. if you would be happy getting out etc.

To me it doesnt make sense of the board sitting if you are not there!!
Ther are 4 types of Med boards that i know of,
1 Man Med Board(MMB), usally your RMO
3MMB which is usally done by the Permanant standing med board (PSMB)
Psychatric Med Board, this can only be carried out by Psychiatrists

and all are attended by the patient, under extreme circumstances it will be done without the patient.
As RMO and psychiatrist I've sat on a fair few boards (>20) and only on one occasion have we done it without the patient there (patient had been detained under the Mental Health Act and was therefore unable to attend).

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