Medical board

you'll need to be a bit more specific than that
I have a copy of fmed 24 and I am asked to complete this and give it out to the med board on the 13 jun 13. Please can someone help me complete this in terms what relevant information to put on it

Thank you


Yes everyone going through Medical Discharge has to complete an FMed 24. As to completing the form, what are you finding so difficult? It seemed very straight forward to me.
Escotia, in terms of completing the forms yes it is easy but i believe someone with experience of the process can help am completely new to the process


That's not what you asked for at the start of your thread. Do you have access to PAP 10? Chapter 9 - Instructions for Med Boards.
I think he's referring to what personal information is required, as in how the xyz condition hampers your day to day life, what changes you have to make because of it etc etc, in addition having to write the same thing 10 times for all those seemingly stupid little niggly complaints that intermittently affect you over the last few years, but don't include things like bronchitis or flu unless caused be the job etc etc

the kind of detailed information that is available in pap10 (which people had to lobby pretty hard to get created prior to its introduction) in addition the format of any additional pages (header/footer etc) required to provide complete information, it took me 3 weeks to write mine but then I was given 8 weeks notice that I was going to be put in front of the PSMB, I also had an app 18 (unit O/H form)which I copied a lot of the info off of when my boss asked me to ensure it arrived at the med board .....some of the things I had forgotten that I did differently in order to cope with my problems were a helpful as they were from his viewpoint rather than mine :)

hope it goes well and you keep a copy/get a copy of all paperwork from the board because if you have any queries further down the road there the first port of call for contesting your claim for spva .....
Hi all,

I was badly injured earlier this year on a trg ex, I have been P-0 for 6 months now and im getting a review from my MO in 2 weeks, he has told me that I will be getting recommended for a Formal med board in December and most likely facing a MD as I can fire a weapon system.

My question is this; What does the med board consist of? what do they do/ask etc? ive done 16 years and im a SGT, the injury is not my fault, I am scared that I will get booted out without a payout or a GIP/monthly payout.
Any advice on this would be much appreciated.


B E the best bet is to ask your MO to talk you through it and don't forget to ask the unit medic to help you with the paperwork if your struggling to remember dates/times for things (they can give you computer dump to help you)
the actual med board wont be much different to the med board your unit MO conducted, some people will ask you some questions, they will examine your Motability and assess your capabilities with regard to going through the motions for various things (they might send you for an Occupational therapy (health) assessment prior to the main medboard or as part of it)

as for the pension side of things you will get informed as things progress, to be totally honest I wouldn't start worrying about it until about a month after the PSMB (maybe a little longer) when you find out from the SO1 Med @APC what your MD is for and what PARA of Q.R.'s your getting put under (it makes a big difference to allowances granted)

if your thinking in terms of applying for social housing for your time post service then just fill out the application form and put TBC in all the finance sections, attach a note at the end to give your circumstances stating you don't know what financials you will have (its a common problem), just remember if you magically get better and are retained in service you can cancel the housing app, but if you don't apply in good time (like now ish) then the time taken for you to gain acceptance onto the list and get offered a property will be that much longer after your out date.

if your worrying about it because of a mortgage then don't, you cant predict the future and stressing over shit you have zero control over is the fastest way into a pine box .......
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