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L&G, apologies for the duplicate post. I posted this in the medical thread under recruitment but not sure it was in the right place. Original post below;

L&G, I've tried doing a search on the forum and have found mention of eczema but only wrt those wishing to join. I know of a young lad who has just had his final medical prior to passing out of Phase 2 training and has failed owing to two outbreaks of what was diagnosed as eczema when using cam cream. He had childhood eczema and was clear for 10 years plus and is clear now too. He passed out as planned today but has been referred for a TMMB with a view to discharge in the new year. On both occasions these 'outbreaks' were successfully treated and these were the only two occasions over the past 15 months. I have advised that he gets a second opinion from a consultant dermatologist if possible.
This decision was based purely on a review of his notes rather than a current condition and a CMP referred him to a GP Col stating that he'd failed the medical, this failure was upheld. As he is infantry I have also advised that he investigate the possibility of recruitment to any other Regts for which he may be qualified. His CSM is absolutely onside as he's a good lad and intends to fight his corner as much as possible. Could any of you medical/legal ninjas provide any further advice on anything I may have missed.

Many thanks in advance.
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