Medical Board and review - how do i stand?

Last November i went to a Navy Medical board (24 years in the RN got 3 left of a 5 year extension) and was given a medical category of P3P with some caveats (i have a blood disease - Haematomachrosis) and then went to the employability board which sat 3 weeks after the defence review was announced. I was expecting to get kicked out as i am a trade that the RN want rid of and have done over 22 years. The Navy have kept me in but now on Tuesday i have to go and see an Officer who tells me they want to review my medical board (he has told me off the record the navy have to get rid of loads of people the medical people are the easiest way to get the numbers down and to be prepared to leave the service at short notice)

Want i want to know is nothing has changed in my medical condition in 5 and half months, i can do my job okay why would i be due for another review all of a sudden? Also how would i stand legally if the RN kicked me out - is it like civvy street where because i am a medical case i am being unfairly picked on, do i have grounds for any recompense?
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