medical background clerance waiting time?!


I gave my Recruiter my fully filled in and sealed Medical form on the 26th July, it's currently been 5 weeks and end of this week will be 6!

I really cant understand why it's taking so long, I'm trying to remember what i put on the form, i put down i had a inhaler in 1998 for a month or two, thats no big deal, 9 years clear!!

i put down hayfever, in 2000 ish or something, 7 years clear!,

I put down i might have ADHD, asked the Docter and i've never had or even currently have it, im totally sure thats all i put,

is there somebody else who waited more than 5 weeks to hear something back from the afco/acio when they sent the medical form off?

im just try to gather the most likely scenarios as to why it definitley seems longer than usual (usual is apparentl anywhere from 1-3 weeks)

could the SMO request medical forms from my doctor if he needs more information, can't see why but if he does, or my notes, surley just an instant fax!, not snail mail?!

please hurry up form!:p



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The doctors can request more info from either you or your GP, and it depends how busy the ATR is at the time. 5 weeks does sound a long time though, have you chased the ACIO to make sure all is well?
8 weeks here, waiting for my GP to reply to a query from the medical people at litchfield...they never got the first one, had to get them to send another, end seems to be in sight though now.
yep i rang the acio up at the 3 week peroid and the 5 week(last friday), they said it's says on their computer as dispatched and they haven't heard anything back yet from ADSC/RSC Lichfield, which is my closest centre which i assume they go to,

yer, perhaps they sent my GP a form for extra info but like you said, that would only take 2 weeks maximum,

any other people take so long?



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I don't know how this works, but can't the ACIO ring Lichfield to make sure they haven't been lost or anything? Maybe they're really busy, and its just a waiting game?
thats what I thought you see.

With the ACIO knowing last week it had almost been 5 weeks, I'd hope they would ring Lichefield and maybe ask about the status of where I am i,

I havent asked them to ring and I dont think i will, im sure they think im being really pushy, but this week i better hear something, i mean thats 6 weeks! theres enough time in 6 weeks surley even if they sent a form to my gp and taking into account how quickly gp's sent docuement off.

I dont have to worry about them not getting to my recruiter because I made sure i handed the form to him directly on the 26th June to be precise!!

if it gets to 8 weeks ill drive to fliiping Lichfield and ask them myself!!



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Hahaha, maybe not the best idea!!!!!

I'd be tempted to give them another call on Friday - if you're frightened of being pushy, ask them something along the lines of do the forms usually take this long - have any ever gone astray - how long should it take if they needed to get back in touch with the GP. Just don't let them forget about you. (Which I'm sure they won't, but a slight reminder every now and then won't do any harm!)
ive considered it trust me, but the thing that saves me is that when i phone the local surgery to ask about the letters and if theyve arrived i get "sorry youll have to phone back a month of sundays...**** off man we hate you stop phoning us.

and yet when i phone the careers office i ask whats what...they say to me "let me have a look on the system for you...and im told what i need in 1 minute flat.

thanks to the professionalism i get when speaking and visiting the careers office im happy to wait out mong doctors to get what i want :p

your right though...pain in the ******* sack.


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I agree - not so much the doctors, but their receptionists are really hard to deal with! No flexibility with them!
hahaha nail on the head, i have to speak to someone called lynne tomorrow, you know the lynne from alan partridge? like her but far more of a pain.
Yes I think you should ring them on Friday - make an issue out of doing it once a week. That way you're keeping on top of it, but giving things time to move a little - best of luck to you too! Sounds like you've both got a hard week ahead!
it's between the 2 really, RLC Driver, Infantry, i did think about Army Air corps (AAC), i got high enough on the barb test for that so will be decided shorlty, when i get my job brief, which should be soon!,
Out of interest, if you've never been diagnosed with ADHD and your Doc doesn't think you have it, why on earth put it on Army med forms! You must have known it could cause extra delays?
ahh nice, RLC driver was one that was presented to me aswell but i turned that down.

Are the army particularly short of Drivers?
reason I put that mate, was because I wasn't sure if I was ever diagnosed with it or not, my mum wasn't sure either, I knew i might have had it so i put it down to be safe you know,

so even if that is the delay with sending the doc an info form, surley it must be this week then? (6 weeks end of this week!;o
Call them, the more you push them the more they will want to sort it out so you stop calling. Thats what I had to do with my ACIO they would know exactly who I was every time I called lol
mate have a bit of understanding. september/august time is the intake time. thus being the reason for your application. ring up friday and ask if they can ring litchfield.

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