Medical at RSC- bit of info required.

Hello people,

I am just enquiring about how we are checked when we get our medicals at the RSC weekend.

In 2005 I was deffered for medical reasons (not being 4 years clear of asthma). My deferral period is up in August this year. I have done a few things in the mean time to see if I had other ideas about what I want to do with my life but I am certain the army is where I want my career to go.

The only thing that worries me is the medical. I am so scared of being knocked back because of asthma, I have never suffered badly, just a few inhalers given by the doc when I've had chest infections.

Also I heard that heart murmors can cause problems, I think I had one when I was born but have never suffered anything.

And then there was a spot of excema I got after using some strong cleaning solvents without using gloves.

Please can someone shed some light on the subject, or tell me their experiences of themselves or others who have been in similar situations.

I know this comes up quite alot so sorry for boring everyone.

Two years has been long for me to wait but im so excited now I know I can apply again soon.

Many thanks,

I can't comment on the medical at RSC, because I haven't been there yet, but I have just had my medical history approved, even though I had eczema as a child.

Sorry I can't be more help!
Because you have had astmha in the past you will have an addittional spiro test to do and ACIO/AFCO will be informed by ADSC when this will take place. Its basically additional monitoring of how your body reacts to physical tests and testing your breathing. Just make sure if you smoke try not to before you go down. Regarding heart murmors your best bet is to stay away from exercising a couple of days before and dont drink fizzy pop or red bull type drinks beforehand. If you ae picked up for heart murmor dont panic theyll book an appointment at BUPA hospitals a few weeks later just to make sure there is no heart problems, theres been a few cases where people werent aware they had conditions and is a big umbrella to protect you and the military.
After i got defered for a heart murmur i got my ECG the next day, try to get down their for the first bus, i was past teh pre med and doctor examination just as the next bunch of potential recruits entered the medical wing. I was able to get back to my home town droped by the Armed forces carrers office picked up a travel warrant for the next day, it was all sorted in 24 hours ... just the red tape that took a while.
This is an old topic but just wondering because you said august what ADSC you going to because if and its a huge if my knee is sorted I'm looking at selection(again) in august(after the 6th because I'm in Africa) to try again...

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