Medical at Briefing

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by OCS001, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. I know there has been many posts left about the medical, but I am curious as to what is checked?

    I only ask as I was told they do the "cup and cough" test? Which I am still unsure as to the reason behind this?

    Also a filling was knocked out :x but I can't get into the dentist until after my briefing which is next monday :x

    Anyone know whether a big huff will be made of it?

  2. its just to check your balls have dropped, its a screening process and is beneficial to your health. Grow up!
  3. Medical at briefing? I didn't have this, you must have had something in your medical background for them to want to do a medical this early, and they take place at the end of day 2.
  4. Fair enough I was just wondering what it was for. Surely we are still in a society were we can ask what we want if we are unsure?

    I was merely told that they do this by a pal of mine and wondered whether he was pulling my leg or not.

    I haven't been told in the joining instructions there will be a medical I assumed everyone had it. I have to do an extended lung function test at Main board due to history of a wheeze (ten years ago). 8O

    Thanks for informing me on what it is for even if I seemed incredibly immature per se.

  5. Please tell me you don't publish your drivel in your real name? Sadler?
  6. Everyone has a medical at main board, or so I'm led to believe. As for the briefing only people with items on their medical history that are cause for concern are called out.
  7. I called Westbury with a similar(ish) query: at the Briefing stage no full-on medical examinations take place, rather a pleasant little chit chat about anything highlighted on your medical questionnaire. It would seem your balls are safe... for now!
  8. I can't wait to have my balls felt at Main Board, any word on cavity searches?
  9. Bring the lube yourself.
  10. On that note, I think this occasion calls for a new pair of underpants!
  11. And a gentleman's trim!
  12. I remember my medical at main board, the doctor and me couldn't stop laughing. Being made to walk like a duck in my boxers it all felt abit strange.I pointed out the fact that the people waiting outside are going to hear all this laughing and are going to assume its based on the contents of my boxers which only made the doctor laugh more. Its nothing to be worried about just some woman doctor who checks your balls for any possible problems. Apparently an enlarged scrotem can cause problems during training.

    All in all its nothing to worry about, though i'd be willing to bet alot of money that she/he says to cut down in drinking.
  13. duck walking in your pants? was that to test joint mobility or just for laughs?
  14. Think it was to check joints where working, or maybe she just wanted to take the p*ss out of the paddy.
  15. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but the old grab and cough test is to check for potential hernia's, is it not?