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I finally got the results of my medical application, iv had a kidney problem in the past and it asks me to get 3 tests done as evidence I have no more problems in this area. At the end it says:

If all the above is acceptable and your application is made suitable, then at some time in the future we may wish for you to be seen by an army kidney specialist for further assessment, and I must stress that ultimate acceptance cannot be guaranteed.

Does this mean that I have to wait to be seen by that specialist before I can go on to do pre ADSC or anything else?
Speak to your CA ask what it states on your journal in reference to medical. If acceptable you'll get processed.
As Booti says your Recruiter will have basic details on the system......all cases are treated seperate and CONFIDENTIAL so all you can do is follow what it says on the letter the ADSC Med gave you. Complete the tests as you have been told and send back to the ADSC (MED) via the ACIO if you want or direct. The SMO will assess it but then more than likely give it up higher to Occ MED who will assess your case. This will take some most cases at least 2-3 months for them to let the ADSC what there diagnosis is. If all goes well they will then accept you medically or send you out information of there answer......This is all confidentially between you, your GP and the Med staff so the ACIO cannot give you any additional advice.
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