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I am currently going through the medical appeal process. Last week I went for a medical at Westbury for a course I was doing with UOTC. During the medical, it was found that I have a slight abnormality in one of my heart valves that I’ve had since birth (a bicuspid aortic valve for those of you in the know). My heart works very well and so does the valve, but I was classed at P8 - Permanently Medically Unfit.

This wasn’t picked up when I did my Scholarship board 4 years ago, nor when I did the UOTC pre-joining medical in October, so came as quite a shock.

Now luck has it that my dad knows a little bit about hearts (being a consultant cardiac surgeon) so passed on my echocardiogram report to one of his colleagues who has worked on army medical appeals of this sort before. They believe that based on the echocardiogram report from my medical, I should (only just!) fulfil the criteria for entry according to the army's big book of medical standards.

It seems like there are quite a few guys on here who have been submitting appeals recently. Does anyone have any hints and tips for my appeal? What to include as medical evidence, what to write on the covering letter, etc.?

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Write a letter setting out the grounds of your appeal and any supporting evidence that you have for it, including - if possible - an opinion from your father's colleague referencing army medical standards and why you reach them.


cpunk, thank you very much for your useful reply. Do you (or anyone else) know how long they normally take to reach a decision on this sort of appeal? Or does it tend to vary from case to case?

(Additional info - I understand some appeals go through the NRC, so can take months. I have been directed to send my appeal to Westbury's Senior Medical Officer)


Overall it's taken about 12 weeks to get back on track with the application process after my appeal. I've been put onto a sort of short list, so if anyone drops out I'll be put in their place straight away apparently. Still not been given an official date if no one drops out though so might have to retake selection.
Having just completed my medical recently - and having to listen to the bore!! of peoples story's of delays etc. Why don't people not declare what isn't an issue. Thats what others did.


Do you mean declare it in the application form? Because in most cases it is something that never occurred to people that it would be a problem in the first place. For example, me having a nut allergy when I was very young and getting cleared of it after a few years. Didn't think that would be a problem but they are very picky and I suppose have the right to be.
Thats exactly what i mean. Seems more bother than its worth!

EDIT: Sorry, i just re-read your post. Must be annoying!
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Hi all. I'm currently gathering my evidence from my doctor and surgeon to appeal my so called medical condition. I had two shoulder operations when I was 18 and 20 (same shoulder). I'm 29 now and it's been fine ever since. I do weights, martial arts,climbing etc. Sports that put a lot of strain on my shoulder.

I've got my medical records from my Doctor and I'm waiting for a letter from my surgeon that will support my appeal. I was just after some advice that will help the appeal.

Did any of you send all your medical records or just those related to your injury/condition? Any advice what to put in a cover letter etc?

Any info will be appreciated, Cheers Steve


I had to get tested to prove I'm not allergic to nuts anymore. So I just had to get my doctors to send off evidence specific to that in the fo of a letter. Beware though, it will take a long time to get it all sorted. Overall it took me about three months to even get the medical team to approve my apeal. Then took a while longer to get a date for training. Good luck
Today I received an email saying I cant take my application any further as I selected I have a skin condition on the online questionnaire. I have mild eczema on my right elbow that doesn't cause me any bother and mild acne on my face that I received medication for a few months back, should I bother making an appeal or would they refuse me still.

(I'm 16 and wanting to go into harrogate potentially)
Hi I was wondering if anyone can help? I joined an intake on August 2014 in pirbright got deffered for my weighty list it then went back in october and injured my back just before my medical then got deffered again and got told by the physio to rest for 6-8 weeks then came back in January 2015 and came to my medical after passing all physio tests and was told my blood pressure was a little too high and my 2kg weight gain was unsuitable and was put through the RECU process and told I could appeal which I have done after gathering my evidence I sent it to the CO of the camp and that was over a month ago and still not heard anything back!
I was wondering what sort of time am I looking at for them to make a decision as obviously being discharged I am not been paid and don't know how to find out if they are looking into it? Can anyone help please??
Amanda how many threads are you going to post this in?:( Someone will ultimately get back to you just be patient....


Amanda how many threads are you going to post this in?:( Someone will ultimately get back to you just be patient....
well im sorry but ive never used a site like this before ... no need to be ratty but thanks for telling me
it's been answered on another thread that I have asked the mods move into the large 'all medical' thread.

I'll summarise that post for you though,

you are not getting in until your three years is up.

now "go away"

(please note the words I am thinking of are not actually 'go away' but much, much ruder)
Amanda how many threads are you going to post this in?:( Someone will ultimately get back to you just be patient....
it looks like the entire thread has been hoofed, which was a pity as I took several seconds to cut and paste some information that was easily found using a simple search. oh well.
I think she's struggling to tell friend from foe:wink:
Just what we need in a potential officer, well I say potential, potentially in three years anyway. Not that I'm going to refind the info for her. Sandhurst is going to be a breeze for her, and her first unit, that'll be such fun.

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