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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Eoiners, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I submitted my officer application a few months ago and was contacted a few days ago to say that my application would not be taken any further on medical grounds. Upon chasing this up I discovered that the reason was a slight touch of tennis elbow approximately 6 years ago. It hasn't bothered me since despite participating in a few different sports so I am hopeful that an appeal will be succesful.

    My question is how long is the process of a medical appeal likely to delay my application? I am studying abroad for the next 4 months so will not be able to obtain the relevant ''new information'' until after Christmas. I had hoped to be able to attempt selection before my final year in Uni, which looks unlikely now but it would be great to get any kind of a timeframe.

    Thanks in advance
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  2. After hearing that my application had been rejected on medical grounds (knee injury a few years back) I emailed and wrote a letter appealing against the decision. I was sent a form and asked to give it to my GP to get them to confirm the last time I had been treated for the injury in question. Because I had just returned to the UK my GP was in the Netherlands, but that wasn't a problem. He filled it in and sent it off, about a week after he sent it I got a letter saying my appeal had been approved and I could continue the application process.

    All told it delayed my application by about 7 weeks. 3 for me to realise I could appeal, 2 to get the medical form for the GP, 1 for him to fill it in and 1 for them to process it.

    This isn't a story from years back but from this year, after Capita took over.
  3. I received my email today saying my application was denied because of a skin condition. On the medical questionnaire I noted that I had a skin infection which was last treated in May 2013. I also answered "No" to the question that asked if I currently have a skin condition. I intend to appeal this decision.

    The email says I should go to my GP for any evidence backing up my claim that I meet the medical requirements. Should this just be a letter from him saying that my skin condition has been successfully treated and has not shown any signs of return since it was originally treated? As regards skin conditions, the army website says "An active skin disease such as eczema or psoriasis" will prevent an applicant from progressing further. I do not have an active skin disease so hope that my appeal will be approved and I can continue the application process.
  4. So far mine has been delayed by about 2-3 weeks by me not being sent a second email with a link to the longer declaration in, then 3 weeks getting hold of medical records to support the reasons I was declined on (moving GP just before this didn't help) and it's now been 3.5 weeks since I sent off my appeal or 19 days since they acknowledged receiving it. Could do with things moving on a bit since I'll likely be 26 just before the Jan 15 intake.
  5. Hi Guys, did anyone keep a blank copy of the GP form sent by Capita? I've just been told I need one, but that it could take 6 weeks to receive it. I'm time-critical on my app, turning 25 this year, and so trying to speed up the process in any way possible.
  6. Just to give anybody else here waiting on their medical appeal an idea, mine was finally approved today. Overall it took about 2 months - 5 weeks from when I mailed it until they officially received it and a further 3 weeks for it to be processed and cleared.
    I was put in touch with my CSM and should be hearing about a formal interview soon. Interestingly enough I was asked about being loaded onto the May 2014 intake, obviously should I be successful in AOSB, MB so it would appear that they are willing to fast track the process for that intake at least.

    Good luck to anyone appealing, I know how it feels to be stuck in limbo for a few months!
  7. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Not really a fast track as such, they are short of numbers so if you pass you have a good chance of being loaded to the next course.
  8. Im in the position of appealing now, all because I had mole removed two years ago just because the doctor thought it was a bit large, but due to the question that asked about mole removals was worded like " have you had a mole, tumor or lesion removed" they just said because it could have been any of those my application was rejected! It is a pain in the arse, but more prep time I guess. Still waiting on my medical records to be returned from the doctors, then have to wait for the appeal process. Me thinks the May intake might be out of reach!
  9. The medical questionnaire system is, in my view, flawed but I understand why it's there so early. One word of advice - make sure you keep your phys up. Between academic commitments and the uncertainty of waiting on the medical appeal my motivation went to the dogs, and I'll have a lot to do between now and AOSB in that regard. Once (hopefully) your appeal is succesful the process seems to speed up pretty quickly!
  10. So how did everyone get on? I'm currently in the appeal process due to previously having a nut allegedly. Sent in evidence almost six weeks ago now but still not heard anything
  11. Do you mean allergy?
  12. Lol yes. Predictive text
  13. Did you photocopy your GP pro-forma/evidence before sending?

    I also had to provide evidence of past minor operations. I sent them via first class recorded which provided me with tracking.

    It was signed for a few days later but they claimed they had not received it (after 3 weeks)
    I provided them with the name, signature and date/time of delivery and explained how disappointed I was... I then emailed their Medical admin team directly with the scanned forms and it was dealt with within a day.

    Bottom line - chase it up ASAP. It's your potential future career/life.

    Capita/NRC is one big factory/call centre dealing with thousands of applicants. We are only a number to them...

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  14. Yeah I photocopied the evidence. They said they received it a while ago but still haven't looked at it. Where did you get that email address from please?