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Hi guys. I had a devastating email this morning saying I had failed the initial online medical assessment. I'm going to appeal regardless but just wondered if anybody had any tips of writing the appeal and what you honestly think my chances are of succeeding.

I ticked the box about depression, and that it was one incident and over 3 years ago.

to be honest I thought they would then question me more about it but instead I got a straight no. I can appreciate the army and TA can't have mentally unstable people with loaded weapons but thought it unfair they didn't question it further.
The 'depression' that I mentioned was approx 10 years ago, my close friend had just died of a heart attack (age 21) and I had a few family problems, I went to the doctors and just said I'm feeling low etc, and they automatically gave me tablets. I decided not to take them and instead spoke to friends/family, got excersie, concentrated on other things and got over it myself. The doctors didnt do any sort of test to see if I was 'depressed' or anything like that. If I had known that 10 years later I would want to join the TA I wouldn't have bothered going the docs!

the other issue I'm sure will give me problems is when I had my daughter 3 years ago, they thought I may have post-natal depression. I only went to the doctors once on referral from my midwi Again they gave me tablets which I didn't take, I never had councilling etc but I'm sure they are going to flag that up as depression even though I think it was more anxiety of having a newborn baby and lack of support.

like I said I'm going to appeal regardless but honestly what do you think my chances are? Also any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks


Try applying again only this time don't mention the depression.
No, don't.

You need to speak to your recruiter and put an appeal in giving the reasons you cited above, ideally with confirmation from your GP to support this. The online medical is a very course filter.
Try applying again only this time don't mention the depression.
Is the wrong answer. Do you really think the med questionaires vanish into nothing .

Immy, if you had not put the condition on the online questionaire it would have been picked up in subsequent checks.
Curses, beat me to it. NEVER lie on application, it will almost certainly come back and bite you in the ARRSE.
Thanks for the replies.
I had a doctor visit today and helpfully she had a quick look at my notes. In 2006 it says I went docs with low mood and said I thought I might be depressed. It doesn't say the docs said I was depressed. He gave me tablets which I never took. There was no councilling or follow up visit. And then in 2011 was the post natal depression, which I'm not sure was actually depression but will need to speak to doctors in more detail and see what they say about that. I realise depression has a 3 year wait before you can apply again but I've also read about postnatal depression needing 2 years clear so I'm presuming I can appeal and apply again. In your opinion would I need to mention the 2006 episode as my doctor didnt state I was depressed, more a series of events causing low mood. Or would I be best not mentioning that? I'm not trying to hide anything but also dont want to draw attention to anything that hasn't been asked for. If I don't mention it will i be given a chance to explain the incident at a later date or will I automatically be kicked out? Again my nots just say I came in saying I thought I was depressed, not that I was diagnosed as depressed. Many thanks again


They will probably use the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988 (or whatever it might be called now) and ask your GP to either make detailed comments or release your file notes.

You have to give your authority for this to happen, but if you don't give it your application will stop there because they won't be able to investigate your history. If you give it, and they find out you have failed to disclose key medical facts it won't go to well for you.

In short, you have started the process of disclosing your medical history - you might as well finish the job and see what the outcome is.

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