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My girlfriend just had RSW at the weekend. And failed her medical for depression which was diagnosed 4 years ago. And had a short spell (2 weeks) of slight post natal. Which doctor diagnosed incorectly As depression.

The doctor that seen her did several things wrong

Like making her lie down to measure her waist?

After she told him that she didnt feel that he did it correctly he then measured it again. and got 4 Inches of her waist. :eek:


The doctor then asked about the depression 4 or more years ago and previous slight post natal (which was diagnosed as depression incorectly) in wich he returned " well you have had more than 12 weeks of depression. you are deffered" when theortetically the spell 4 years go should be obsolete???



Cheers Lads
she can still apply to join however i'm not sure if there has to be a set time period showing full recovery from disorders such as depression.

she needs to go to her own gp and ask for his opinion. if they agree that she has made a full recovery and he sees no signs of its return then she should be able to get a written report to that effect. armed with that she should be ok to join
Tell her to go to her Dr and get a letter from him explaining the circumstances and that she has not had any syptoms for however long it has been and that he sees no reason why she shouldn't join up.
thanks alot guys,

She has seen her GP And her doctor agrees and is currently writing a formal letter to put the case accross

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