Medical appeal upheld after being graded P8 3 times!

@xrayyankee May I start this post by sending my deepest apologies. I must of accidently "disliked" your post whilst scrolling through the thread. I'd never dream of anonymously having a pop at someone over the Internet by giving they're thread a poor rating. To prove I really mean I'm sorry, I promise to give all your threads positive ratings from now on as I can see how much it really means to you. Peace and love.
I wept for hours.

And don't be cheeky.
Hi, looking for some help, just been rejected due to childhood epilepsy, only ever had 1 seizure and i was under the age of 5 i think!! Never re-occurred since and i'm going to appeal the decision..... don't know where to start, any help/advice much appreciated


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look for the massive thread with 'all medical' in the title, it really is visible from space.

It's in the regular recruiting forum but standards are actually the same for reg and reservist.
No that's fine thanks. The key points are it mentions "persistent" not a singular event. The irony of it was if I had not hurt my back on PDT and required a discectomy I would still be serving stone or not just potentially with a lower PULHEEMS.

Again thanks and apologies for the nausea

How have you got on?
I'm currently undergoing a similar situation