Medical appeal stage 2

[align=justify]Hi, sorry about the double post just thought i may get an answer to my questions here
I am currently in the process of applying to the AOSB. I recieved a letter last week informing me that due to a history of asthma i would not be eligible for selection, this matter was cleared up as it was caused by an error by my GP when forwarding my medical notes. However i have now been turned down due to suffering from hayfever. The main reason being that i am treated by a once yearly injection. After speaking to the Doctor in charge of AOSB medical enquiries i have been told to take the matter to a stage 2 appeal and clearly state that i suffer from mild hayfever and was wrongly given the injection when normal clarytin tablets would suffice as this may help my case. My main question is does anybody have any knowledge or prior experience of a stage 2 appeal and the likelyhood of being successful? and if unsuccessful what other options are available?
Thanks in advance [/align]

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