Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by kudro, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. I have just recieved a letter back from glencorse sayin my appeal letter has been rejected an that i havent suplied enough information. An that the initial decision of "un-fit for milltary service" still stands. The letter from my doc stated everything the army doc would need to pass me as fit, the bain of this problem was a back ache almost four years ago which i have had no problems with since. According to the,


    3.12.33 BACK PAIN
    "Candidates with no more than two uncomplicated episodes of minor back pain WITHOUT structual cause in the previous 12 months who are now asymptomatic with actvity comparable with millitary service for a minimum of 6months may be graded P2 provided the triggering event indicates that the individual is not at undue risk of recurrence.

    Am i just being fobed off due to an incapable doc whos not checkin med forms against the jsp 346 correctly or should i follow the intructions on my letter an go over the head of the doc making the decisions.
  2. I'd go over the head of him, although never do that to your section commander unless you have to because you'll make an enemy for life!
  3. Does anyone have any ideas on how i should go about writing up a cover letter to go with my sencond appeal letter. Eg what it should contain an so on an soforth.
  4. If you re-read the JSP section you've quoted, the reasons might be within.

    Is there a structural cause for the back pain? If not, how do you know there isn't? All it takes is a bit of scoliosis on the xray.

    Have you been "asymptomatic with activity comparable to military service for six months"? I interpret that to mean active at that level for six months, not asymptomatic for six months. If you've not had back pain for four years but also haven't been carrying weight, etc., then you haven't necessarily met that test.

    I'm not an army medical apologist, but if you're going to quote their rules back at them, make sure you've read them well.

    Good luck,

  5. Someone sits at a desk and ticks boxes mate. Its a job. They go through 100s of appeals. Just get all relevant paperwork together. Maybe go to your doc and get him to clear you. They will defer you at adsc to see a specialist if you pass. You need clearance from a civi doc.

    Its a whole different ball game when you see that specialist. I've got a similar problem with med docs. But my attitude is. If I don't get in the army its not that i binned it when I got a letter saying your not fit for military service. I want it to be that i've done everything at ADSC passed, done all that shite and been binned at a specialist medical. That way, yeah I'm a bit of a cnut but least i tried.
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  6. no there wasnt any structual cause as this was stated in my letter from the doc, it is down in my notes as back ache due to overworking the muscles at work. also being in the asbestos trade since i had back ache to the present day i think that is comparable to meeting army standards. eg crawling round ventilation ducts an undercrofts removing asbestos, most ov the time beeing under confined space guide lines an lifting an carry heavy cast iron pipes an boilers. without any further problems with my back so one would assume i was asymptomatic for at least the time from getting back ache to the present day.
  7. Do what they say mate. Supply more information. Meaning go to your GP, ask him to write a letter saying its a one off case. Etc. They know what to put down. Thats providing additional info. Appeal again. Trust me if you do what they ask. They will relent. You'll be fine. Its all bureaucracy.
  8. jk i have exaclty the same attitude i would rather be binned by a specialist than give up before i get to adsc, this is my second "unfit for millitary service" i have had an with each one i get back stating the same will just drive me to go higher an higher up the chain. it just gets right on my wick that they wont even let me get to adsc an prove to them that theres othing wrong with my back. if it takes me 12 days or 12 months to get in then it takes that long but this is one thing in my life that i realy want an this aint gona get in my way of achieving it.
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  9. Mate, i went to aosb twice and failed both times. I was shite the first time, second time i worked on everything, but failed. So i went to the careers office on the monday, walked in and said, I want to join the parachute reg. Have you done a barb. He goes we aint got any places for two month on barb test. I said right, what about any other careers office I'll do it there. Disappeared round the back comes out saying yeah you can do it next week.

    So what I've found with the army. Everything off your own back. Theres guys attending AOSB havent been discharged from Royal Marines commando course injuring backs. Your doesnt sound as serious. Hoesntly I'd be positive, get the info from the doc etc, (it might cost you) (cost me 120 private) and they ll clear you for adsc. (not 100% on this but they cleared me for a briefing, and two Army officer selection boards and their 3 and half days long). So its common sense that I'll get cleared for adsc. However its taking fuking ages. Its so frustrating.
  10. Hi mate, I just wanted to know how your appeal went, cos im in the same boat as you with back pain history 4years ago. I've just sent my appeal off, a letter from my gp and a doctor from hospital saying im fine. Please let us know how you went on
    thank you
  11. Chaps - you may not want to hear this, but we are in fairly unique position just now. Hundreds want to join and we are only taking the very best. Any flaw whatsoever and you are likely to fail.

    Don't take it personally - it's just where we are just now

    Good luck in the future

  12. It hardly sound compatible with Army service to me. sounds like a high risk unless you have some skills the army are short of
  13. As T-S states, the Army can pick and choose at the moment.

    When you apply to join, you are competing against an entry standard
    If there is any doubt over your abilities to meet this standard - then it is for good reason that the army say 'no thanks'

    During basic training, your body will be put through great pressures - PT, boots, carrying loads, exercise etc - and what the Army wants is for applicants to be able to complete training without injury and become a deployable asset

    Dont take it personally if you are rejected