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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Remesteve, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    I applied for the army last summer my 1st choice was an aircraft tech. I went through the process of applying and a few weeks after my doctor sent my rg8 medical form off I received a letter saying unfortunately I have failed the medical due to a past incident. I was assaulted and received a depressed skull fracture with slight weakness of my left arm which was temporary this was 4 years ago now. After I had an operation I had the initial induction to physio therapy and occupational therapy and was discharged imidiately after scoring 100 percent in both and they said I was fully recovered.

    I play rugby 3 times a week, I compete in the tough mudder this year, in my spare time I'm in the gym or tabbin with my cousin who's in phase 2 of vehicle mechanics reme, my 1.5 mile run is down to 9.07, I can do the desired amount of press ups and sit ups in half the time required I believe I could complete the selection phase comfortably.

    The letter I receive stated half way through 'if you believe that the information used to make this decision is inaccurate or inadequate and you can provide further details ( such as information confirmed by an appropriate person e.g. Your general practitioner or hospital consultant), we will be prepared to consider such information.
    Does this give me grounds to appeal? as i believe my doctor would back me up as being fully recovered.

    I have done endless research into the army watching every documentary, video on you tube, searching every corner of the army website as this is something I'm so passionate about. I've got a well paid job, I live a healthy life style, so it's not a last resort but I'd give alot to be in the army. It's taken me a while to research everything and to maintain my fitness level so would I have to re- apply then wait until I do my medical rg8 form again to appeal? Or would all my details still be on file remember its been a year?

    What would my next step be to getting into my dream job? Would love to hear from somebody who actually deals with all of this stuff and see your view but all the advice possible would be nice.

    Regards, Steve.
  2. Good luck, it sounds like they may have got it wrong but hopefully a MOD will be along and post this in the correct forum. Do not give up!
  3. You answered your own question! Speak to your GP, get them to write a letter (keep a copy), send to the address you got in case of redress
  4. Regarding the appeal time of corse normally you would expect an appeal within the first few days of receiving the failure letter... Would you think I would need to re- apply from the beginning or would my details still be on file? Thanks for the advice guys appreciate it
  5. Your details will usually be on file. The way I did my medical appeal was called the local AFCO and asked for information of how to appeal. Try that failing that get your GP to write a letter giving their opinion and send it back to the MO.

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