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Hello all,

I have recently filled out the online medical form and received the following message;

Thanks for answering the online Army medical questions.

You told us that you have, or have had, one or more disqualifying medical conditions. This means we can’t take your application further.

The Army has a duty to ensure those seeking employment with prior medical conditions will not be made worse by their military training and service.

You can read the Army’s medical requirements online to understand our decision.

Occasionally candidates accidentally give wrong information and so I’ve put some information below to help you if you wish to appeal.

Thanks for your interest in joining the Army.

With best wishes,

Basically, what has happened is that the question;

Have you ever been diagnosed as having Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Bipolar Disorder or Obsessive compulsive disorder?

Has been answered incorrectly by myself, as although I had been diagnosed with one of these conditions initially it was later replaced by my current diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. As you can probably imagine I feel pretty foolish in retrospect, but did what I thought was best at the time, as in one sense it had been true, but was later ruled out.

I now have until early February to create an appeal which will explain my case using a covering letter, medical evidence and other information to show that I am capable and determined to being in the army.

I understand that an ASD has been an issue with people in the past - and although this is not a preclusion - I am curious to know how this is perceived by the army and if I explain my situation in detail along with showing what I can do; this wouldn’t be an issue.

My intention is to provide the necessary information in a comprehensive and concise way without coming across as desperate. This would include 1.) A covering letter, 2.) Medical evidence, 3.) Princes Trust Qualification 4.) References - (From a Teacher, Employer and Fitness Trainer.)

This feels like the most logical and rational step forward to presenting my case, and would be appreciative of any advice for reaching my goals.

Thank you.

Randy McStab

Ask to join the Int Corps. We are full of people on the spectrum. Re apply and tick no as that would be the correct answer. You will get a more in depth chance for your GP to explain. You haven't been deferred just caught in the crapita online trap. Good luck :)


Your logical next step is to use the medical sticky set up specifically for this type of question.

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