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Medical appeal against weak bladder ADVICE PLEASE

Hello i need some advice please, i was hammering it at the gym and got a phonecall from my dad saying the army wont take me!! was too upset to ask questions at the time but after the reading the letter i recieved its pretty much because i had a weakish bladder when i was around 14/15. Im now almost 26. i went to the hospital about it was given tablets for around a month and also had urethral dialation, which worked so i never went back and didnt continue taking the tablets. i didnt have any problems since and all is well in that department. What annoys me the most is the letter says i failed because of my 'long history of bladder problems'. thats complete rubbish because it wasnt a long history, it only affected me for around 1 year and after visiting the hospital all was well.

All i can think of is because i didnt go back or let them know everything sorted itself out the army think that the case is still open and my problems are still ongoing.

i am going to appeal and fight to the death because thats how much i want this. the army is my life.

has anyone had the same problem or does anyone know what my chances are of them saying yes if they review my case??

Im not keen on the words 'permanently unsuitable'

what am i going to do?!!! x


all you can do is appeal , get your doctor to give you the big all clear and hope that they will take you , they probilly think that they will have to supply you with a plastic bed sheet during basic . just asure them this isnt the case and carry on

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