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Afternoon all, not sure if I'm posting this in the right place so apologies if I have.

Back in feb I had my application rejected due to "2 clearly documented cases of depression in 2015 and 2018."

got straight on the phone to the numver the message provided and said there is some kind of mistake as I've never been diagnosed with depression. went to my GP and looked throigh my records and she confirmed with me that I've never had mental health or been any cause for concern in any capacity. and she determined that the cases the Capita team are concered with are as follows:

2015 age 16 offered a low level anti-depressant (if I felt overwhelmed with my situations) as I was living in a doss house the social sent me to due to the bog standard crap family life and abusive household as well as looking after my girlfriend at the time terminally ill mother. The doctor cannot find anything saying I cashed the perscription in. nor did I return ti her for further medication

2018 just turned 20 the previously mentioned girlfriend cheated on me with a few of my "mates" So I did what most do in that situation, I went to the pub all the time, wasn't eating and got into scraps. went to the doc as I was having stomach pains and they told me stop drinking start eating small until my appitite returns and said that I was having relationship troubles and that I'm not depressed just in low mood.

my recruiter reckons I should appeal it as my med docs do not once say the word "depressed" or anything along those lines.

Do you think it's worth appealing or is it pointless?

Hope to hear from one of you. Cheers


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