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Medical - any chance?

Thanks for the general advice regarding fitness, have got my 1.5 mile time down and can do more than two pressups which is nice.

Have found a TA unit that seems interesting, and am nearly all set for my selection weekend. I think my fitness is within acceptable limits (I did 4 miles in 31 mins last night), I'm keen, and in a few years I'll have useful medically-related skills to offer. There's one problem. Pussies.

If I am near cat hair for a while (e.g. the in-laws' spare bedroom), I can get a wheeze. I have been prescribed salbutamol (the blue puffer, a reliever) to deal with this but only have to use it when exposed to cat hair (which isn't that often). No other problems, e.g. running, playing rugby is all fine. Recruiting folks at the TA unit I'm interested in said "it's just a cat allergy, don't worry about mentioning it". My GP's advice is to be honest and tell the doc on selection that I do get a wheeze around cats. Call me naive, but I'd prefer to be honest with HMF from the outset. I explained this to the clerk/recruiting officer - they said come along and see the doctor on selection and see what happens.

I have committed myself to getting fit which has been great in itself, but I am bracing myself for getting binned on selection weekend. I am very keen to serve, and would like to be sure that I have tried my hardest to get in. Even if it's only a 1 in a 100 chance, I'd like to go along and see what the doc says (and do my BPFA etc).

So, anything I should tell the army doc that would help my application? I am guessing I will only have a couple of minutes to make my case, so would like to get any helpful information in first. Cheers
Cats don't feature large in Military life; unless your a Tiger trainer based at the Boathouse in 'H' (Near the MT sheds, past the pitches (out of date I know)). Its an allergy, other people are allergic to penicillin, latex etc; be honest it won't stop you, you may get referred for specialist opinion, hey blame it on the risk averse society we live in

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