Medical and urine testing at ADSC.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by spiny08, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi i go for selection at glencourse on the 10th december and was just wondering what the medical is about and if an innocent heart murmer could effect my possibilities of passing the medical. Also do they test your urine for drugs or is it for other reasons? if anyone could write bk id be greatfull. cheers spiny.
  2. yes as soon as you enter adsc you have to provide a unine sample. You are also asked about drugs in your interveiw, what are we talking about hear jut a little pot? they dont mind aslong as you not a full on smack head

    this helps.....
  3. ......and dont do it anymore
  4. I stopped smoking it about a month ago because i wanted to join the army and i feel alot more healthy because of it. Im just abit worried about not passing my medical and ive alsoheard that the urine test is for other reasons and not for drug testing n cheers for the link spiny.
  5. baldy pretty much covered it mate for urine you should be fine looking at those detection dates best thing you can do with medical is NOT TO WORRY stay away from fizzy drinks anything really sugary and be HONEST other than that be positive and good luck fella
  6. Ok. N cheers you 2 i will let you know how i got on. spiny
  7. You have obviously lied to your recruiter and the senior recruiter in your interviews regarding drugs as I doubt they would be sending you down to ADSC if you had admitted you had taken drugs the same month of your interviews. I know if I had been your Recruiter you would be on a minimum of a 3 month deferrment until you hadnt touched them for a longer period. Just a bit of info Baldy Recruiters and PSO's do mind if someone is taking drugs and definately take a dim view even if it is only pot (i take it you havent done MATTS this year. I suggest you stay well away from them now and your so called mates if they still take them as if you do get in you can be tested any time, any place, any where. You have to think whats more mportant, being in the forces or being a smack head chav. You will give a urine sample on your medical at ADSC, but only on rare occassions do they check it for drugs..... just imagine if the PSO does a 100% drugs check on all samples on the selection course at Glencourse on the 10th December.... its been done before.

    Ive seen the Army pre CDT and post CDT and its a hell of a lot etter now druggie CNUTS have been booted out or stopped coming in.
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  8. You WILL be Cdt'd at phase 1 so it is better to come clean as it will show that you have used. Own up and spare yourself the chance of getting turfed out.
  9. You're gonna get called a druggie cnut by quite a few people here, but at least you've sacked it and are in the process of joining up. At the end of the day, a lot of youngsters these days experiment with drugs, even if they intend joining the Forces. While I'm not saying its a good thing, its a sign of the times, and shouldn't stop someone joining up. I wouldn't care if my oppo had smoked a few spliffs before he joined up, the only problem is when it carries on in service life.

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  10. Agreed H_J and that is why Im saying in Recruiting I found that the majority of us would defer an applicant for at least 3 months before continuing down the process. If an individual as only recently stopped in the last month can they be sure that they wont continue once in as they havent been off the stuff for a long enough period yet. Most the PSO's at selection would give at least a six month deferment if they realised someone had taken drugs through the application process, compulsary drug testing and the drug free culture of the forces is talked about on the reception day one of the process, so is Spiny that dead set on joining as hes taken it whilst going through the process :roll: .
    As RMA said you do get tested in phase 1 and if drugs are in your system and you had said you had never touched them on your interviews you could find yourself thrown out for telling a lie on interviews.... I have known this to happen.
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  11. I've taken drugs in the last month and I declared this at the medical, when the Doctor asked me what I'd taken and when whilst I was at ADSC Lichfield. He said as long as I don't do it again whilst I'm actually in the Army then there is no problem.
  12. So did you lie to your Recruiter when going through your interview, can you be trusted not to do it whilst serving. IMHO if you took drugs whilst going through the process when you had been warned that taking drugs could bar you from joining you cant be that serious in joining. Answer these questions truthfully.

    So whats more important to you a Career or drugs?
    Why did you take them whilst going through the process when you realised it could stop you joining ?
    Did you lie to your recruiter and senior recruiter?
    If you come home on a well deserved leave after gruelling training and some druggy mate tries to give you a spliff will you take him up on the offer or fcuk the druggie CNUT off?

    Not a witch hunt here but hopefully youll answer truthfully and then think of the reasons why were are drug free.

  13. 1. Yes my career is more important to me
    2. I wanted to try shrooms before I actually got in the Army to see what all the hype was about, knowing full well that when I get in I'm no longer going to be able to do it, plus I'm going to stay in the Army for ******* ages, so theres a variety of things I've done before I got in.
    3. No, I told my recruiter about the drugs, and I declared it at the medical at the ADSC.
    4. I can easily turn down drugs, especially if in the Army.

    All I've wanted to do is join the Forces, theres just a fcuk load of stuff I wanted to try before hand.


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  14. keep stum get cracking
  15. And whats all this honourable don't lie to your recruiter shoite

    do what ever you need to do to get in, suddenly developing integrity in the careers office is just throwing up self made obstacles

    You're not expected to have integrity and honour you're a civvy, you'll get that installed in training.....unless you're a scouser (software uncompatible)