Medical aids required by a war pensioner

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by charlie999, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    How does a war pensioner go about getting some essential aids funded? It has been nine years since my last ones were issued (by the military and the NHS) and it is time to replace them.

    I broke my back on adventurous training in 2003 and am paralysed from the knees down. My hospital back then issued me some silicon articulated foot orthoses (SAFOs) and Headley Court some carbon fibre ones. Both worked well but no longer function well and I've been relying on much more basic ankle supports for the last four years.

    Recently I made an appointment at my local hospital and the physio there asked me to submit any invoices to her and she would see if the NHS would fund them. This will be my first port of call.

    I have just paid for a private podiatrist appointment and private orthotist appointment to get the best recommendations I can. Two pieces of kit have been recommended: a much improved carbon fibre AFO with additional orthosis (c. £350 per foot) and a pair of much improved SAFOs (c. £1000 per foot). Yes, the kit is expensive but these are the only products that will provide the support I need and allow me to lead an active lifestyle.

    I know that if I was an amputee then the statues in place, along with the recent Murisson Report on prosthetics, would make all of this easy to process. However, as a spinal cord injured person no such system is in place. For prosthetics there is a five year guarantee, after which they will be replaced.

    From the Murrison Report: "As a rule of thumb,
  2. Get in touch with social services or your council centre for independent living and ask to speak to a community Occupational Therapist.

    They will come out and do a complete assessment on your home and try to work out what your total needs and are and not just your immediate ones.
  3. Charlie, I would also suggest you contact the Royal British Legion. Certainly our local group in West Oxon would look at funding, but this is carried out by the area case officer. All the best.
  4. Just checked with an OT and the NHS will give you a voucher for the cost of the silicon AFO,s and you can make up the rest for the better ones
  5. Thanks all for the recommendations. I'll definitely follow up on them.

    It does seem strange that there isn't any one clear process when dealing with such matters...