Medical advice

Any advice?

Diagnosed with Auto-immune disease which has made me MND perm, App 9 states unable to attempt Matt 2 so therefore, unable to promote,
CoC said my only two options are stay as I am for the rest of my career or sign off.
Well, what do you actually want to do?

I'm guessing that the autoimmune disease is not going to get any better and if it does, it might recur.

I think you've got your choices.

I suppose it depends on what rank you are....and how long you have left.

Are you a private? I think it's still true that if you remain a private at 22 years, you get an RSM's pension! ;-)
Depends how much you like what rank you are, the army, what you are doing. I knew two blokes who ended up as Cpl's for the balance of 22 years after life changing injuries. They would not have had it any other way.

Or, you could bugger off and start again in something new that you always wanted to do, dream job sort of thing. Go get an apprenticeship, go to uni, ...................................have a think about it for a while, make a list, think a little bit more, it doesn't sound as if the MoD is gonna throw you out of the door, so you have some time on your side.

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