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I was just about to apply to join online but on the medial questionnaire it ask about any chest disorders, I had a chest infection about a year ago and the doctor pescribed me some tablets and a ventolin inhailer and was wondering if this would effect my application ? I never used the inhailer and my doctor can confirm this because when I picked up the prescription I only took the tablets. Was after anyone's advice whether I should even bother or not with applying ?
Answer truthfully, every visit to a doctor and every medication that you have been prescribed since birth is on record, so be upfront and honest.
Will tell them about it just wondering if it will completely stop me from being able to join up or will it be something I will be able to appeal
You're a worrier - I can tell.....

Just apply FFS, if there's a problem they'll tell you at the medical stage. If you're medically fit for service great!
Honesty is the key- Get your doctor to write a letter and provide them with 4 yrs worth of history; I was in a similar situation to yourself, but this was resolved by a letter from my drs. When they realised it was just a one off, there were no dramas.

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