Medical advice please?

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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some advice on my medical which is currently being reviewed.

Last year September time I applied to join as a regular guardsman, but I was deferred the reason being because I had tablets due to stress in August time 2017 (which I didn’t fetch my prescription as I personally felt like I didn’t need them) anyway I was told I can re apply the same time next year, which I have done as long as I can prove to them I haven’t had those tablets since then which I haven’t. I did have some tablets in August time 2017 aswell they was sleeping tablets which I only had the one prescription for. Ever since then I have only been prescribed co codomol which was due to a road traffic accident for whiplash pain. I’m just worried about if it’s going to come back as a pass or not was wondering if anyone could give me any information on what they think?

I think that you need to see what the official answer is and also search for the medical queries thread. Paging @The_Duke
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