Medical Advice on Skn cancer

Hi all, Ex sapper, just register but been an avid arrse lurker for some years and though I may get some help with a service clain I am persuing after 22 years service.
I was diagnosed with Malignant melanoma back in 2008 after a tour in Iraq and I came back in a lymph node in 2009. All clear now as far as I am aware but I put a claim in the the compensation people. It was rejected as not due to service reasons and there was no chance of an award due to worsening of health during service, as I was never officialy downgraded on my medical docs. I was informed by my old med sergeant that I should have been automatically downgraded (if you suffer from any for of cancer). Could anyone out there (Particularly if you are in the medical services) give me a steer on this as my case is going to tribunal and I need some ammo.


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