Medical Advice for an Ex-Squaddie

Just a quick query.

I am having some problems with scar tissue from my wounds. Last time was some years ago. Then, I simply reported to Woolwich Military Hospital (who treated the original wounds), saw the Brig and he booked me in for surgery the following week. Done, dusted and just jogged on.

I presume nowadays I'll have to resort to NHS route or is there still somewhere for us ex-sorts to go for "further maintenance"

I live near Colchester and was wondering if perhaps there is a facility there?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


I am in receipt and have a prescription charge exemption but this is the first time I've heard that.

Is this stated somewhere "official"?

Thanks for the advice though.


Sadly having left that is about all you can get!
P_M_U, although all War Pensioner are supposed to get priority treatment, the reality is very different.

The NEW Priority Treatment scheme is for those who can prove that your recent problems are "Service Related", so if it is not in your medical records now and have been noted from the military medical records, it can be very difficult to prove.

Of course that is why this bunch put that proviso in, it will excepmt many people from getting the treatments they deserve.

Even with a WP, you have to get a signed letter from Norcross to say that you have a WP and only then you are given any priority, if the PCT accpets that letter.

It seems that although the RBL and SSAFA tell the government about this, in reality, we are still classed as Second Class Citizen in the NHS.
Cheers CharlieBubbles. All seems pretty clear.

Just for info, most of the front of my left arm (shoulder joint to lower arm above the wrist) was lost due to a large shrapnel chunk hitting me in the elbow (missed the joint thankfully).

This was all replaced, by the Gods that were the military surgeons (Especially Brig McKelvie of Woolwich, that man was a bloody saint!), with skin grafts but the nerves were destroyed. What happens is that every few years the nerve ends start to grow out through the grafted skin. You can imagine how much fun this is, having the end of a nerve exposed and meeting clothing etc.

Previously, as stated, they would whip me in, belt me in the head with a bumper, open up and cut the nerve ends back well below the surface, sticky-black the hole together and tell me to jog on (after a few days of QARANC hospitality and flirting :p ).

So clearly attributable in my opinion but it would appear that it's the NHS butchery school for me from now on. Still mustn't grumble, still have most of my faculties and able to enjoy a laugh with you chaps. I wish the same could be said for all our brothers sleeping under foreign soil around the world.

Thanks for the replies chaps, much appreciated :salut:

P_M_U, do you have contact with your local War Pensions Welfare Officer?

As it would have to be WP who do the paperwork. as if you went to the RBL or SSAFA, they would have put you onto WP to get the proof.

I have the cotact details for the Nottinghan Office one Jackie McGrath and great lady and one who cares.
Pronto_Mike_Uniform said:

I am in receipt and have a prescription charge exemption but this is the first time I've heard that.

Is this stated somewhere "official"?

Thanks for the advice though.
Found the two bits below, letter extract is from reminder sent by Scottish Exec, other bit is on VA pages.

From Scottish Exec:
'3. In 1953 the Government gave an undertaking that there
would be priority out-patient and in-patient examination and
treatment for war pensioners in NHS hospitals for the condition
or conditions for which the war pensioners received a
pension or gratuity. In Scotland, funding for the provision of
medical and surgical services for war pensioners was transferred
to NHS Boards.
4. Referrals for treatment should make it clear that the
patient is a war pensioner. Priority should be given unless there
is an emergency case or another case demands clinical priority.
Priority should not be given for unrelated conditions.'
The Jocks are NOT making anyone dance and jump through hoops before a vets is offered the priority, not like the ENGLISH NHS.

So do the Jock government care more for their troops / ex troops?
CharlieBubbles said:
So do the Jock government care more for their troops / ex troops?
'kin right they do .. Gp will see me same day if needs be I have "walked in" to see nurse without appointment on occasions.

halomonkey said:
I was reading the poppyscotland website and they state that 1 in 5 persons in Scotland are part of the Services Community.Perhaps this is where the difference in attitude comes from?
Is that why in Scotland the ex forces chaities are both stronger and get more done for the ex forces communities?

The Scots have PRIDE and RESPECT in their military, here in England is has SO watered down!

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