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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Staylor2500, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Finally after 2 years got a medical for a supplement with my War Pension . However ive been told that i have to pay for the medical because i moved abroad and its procedure to claim back from consulate.

    I phoned up the SPVA , told them im sorry i cant afford to pay in advance and wait 3 months for the medical , only to be told.

    its my own fault for living abroad , and then tells me , they arnt forcing me to have it , stop the claim and its not a problem ...

    Does anyone have any advice about medicals abroad as im in limbo , and has anyone ever had problems being spoken to like crap on the phone to SPVA

    Tried Legion , but not much help, as never dealt with before ..
  2. I am in probably the same boat but was offered a medical if I return to UK on leave or one out here via the consulate, I sent them my leave dates but have not had reply yet.
  3. Have you tried ssafa they have a section on there website for overseas veterans. They could possibly get you the funding or know some way to help.
  4. ssafa would be my first stop followed the war pension helpline at HQ British Legion they helped friends of mine same problem living in Greece and Cypress call +44 (0)20 3207 2169 (direct to pensions) or e mail from this page Pensions - The Royal British Legion.
  5. Just out of interest which country do you live in?

    I don't want your address, country may be informative though.
  6. my guess is Spain
  7. PM me with some more details. I may be able to advise (if you are in Germany).
  8. They have sort of reciprocal agreement in Spain don't they the big european agreement thingy? FFS if its Spain jump on Ryanair or similar for 50 quid and get the medical done if its going to bring in extra wonga.
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  9. I'm yer man. I live in Thailand. First of all any dealings to do with the SPVA (*******) have to be done through the Embassy in the country you now reside. If the SPVA want you to undergo a medical the SPVA will contact you through the British Embassy. They liaise with the SPVA and payments are made through them.
    The Embassy will contact you by sending you a letter requesting you to attend a medical. You can decide (according to my experience) the doctor. You tell the Embassy the doctors details and they forward the medical documents that practice. The cost are then forwarded from the doctor to the Embassy who then pay the bill on behalf of the SPVA (*******). Before you attend any medical you obtain form WPA0355 & WPA0241 from the SPVA to claim for your travel expenses. They'll try to avoid payment one way or other, but stick with it, after all they're *******.
    That's it for now. Please get back to me with any questions. I'll now read the replies below/above and reply accordingly.
    PS. I think due to my involvement with the SPVA and GB Embassies, the Embassy's no longer act as agents for the SPVA (*******) as of the end of this month.
  10. Not worth a salt.
  11. Try 01253 333494. It's the Medical Discharge Welfare people (well that's what she told me on the phone, when she called the other day).
  12. Basically if you live outside of the UK nobody seems to want to know. The SPVA (*******) surely do not cater for WP's that don't live in the UK. Their rules, practices, methods all revolve around you being domicile in the UK. Where I live I can't catch public transport, there isn't any. The SPVA (*******) can't seem to get in their heads that people don't work/live the same way as does the UK claimant. And therefore it give all of them an headache when you rock the boat. I've even complained in writing to the Chief Executive to the SPVA (*******) and I find out he will not reply in writing himself.
    Late now for me so will write more tomorrow.
  13. Please read my first post. If you don't live in the UK then your local Embassy is your agent for the SPVA (*******). Please believe me.
  14. You're a very bitter person.

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  15. ^ Why can't I be bitter if I think I being done over ?