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This is a serious question but asked quickly initially.

Im TA and want to go back to Helmand as a medic attached to a teeth arm, preferably next summer. Im a CMT1 with BATLs with experience at the hospital in Bastion. I've had a look at the OCE on Armynet but can't see any vacancies. I figured the best way would be maybe to ask units direct that are going, but I haven't got a clue who is up for Herrick 10 or 11 and won't get an answer on this. So can anyone point me in the right direction? Who could I contact or who could help me? Everyone is always banging on about manpower shortages I ca't believe there isn't at least one slot available for me to have a crack at.
Pretty sure any teeth arms unit on the ground would happily bring along an extra medic if they had the opportunity.

Pass it up the CoC and find out which units are listed on future ops on herrick. Then ask your PSI to contact them and see if they are interested?

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