Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JohnNichol, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. A (somewhat) shameless plug for the book Medic - Saving Lives From Dunkirk To Afghanistan

    but there is a (I think) great story in today's Daily Mail about Sgt Maj Andy Stockton (RA) and the medic, Cpl Gary Lawrence (RAMC) who saved his life. Tony and I wrote this piece in support of the Mail's SSAFA appeal:

    You can see Andy and Gary talking about the incident on GMTV at:
  2. Are you really John Nichol?
  3. lol if he is its a bit late to be plugging his book in time for Christmas! You still talking Jock?
  4. Yes he is. John I have your book under the tree so don't tell me the end it will spoil my Christmas Day. What I read before it was snatched off me in Waterstones looked very good. For once I hope they don’t all die in the end.

    For those that don’t know ARRSE is mentioned and thanked but you will have to buy it to see that.
  5. Ok,if it is him,he owes me a tenner.
  6. cbramc - the ending is truly happy. 'ish.

    v-man - If you explain to the assembled masses how/where/why I owe you that tenner..............I'll happily pay it back.

    love and kisses xxxx
  7. Who is John Nichol?
  8. NO WAH/
    Captured GW1 RAF bloke.
    /NO WAH
  9. Some bloke who cried on TV.
  10. Must be an X Factor contestant then!
  11. Possibly. He did sing like a canary.
  12. Are you the same bloke who forgot to use his finger mk1,when his fancy box off tricks didn't work?
  13. A Scottish biographer who died in 1894.
  14. aha! The gentle ribbing from Arrse'ers! To answer:

    1. Did I get bummed - no...but a couple of my jailors showed an unhealthy, and rather worrying interest in my nether regions.

    2. Whilst I admit to singing (not quite like a canary) I'd protest the description of crying!

    3. And you'll need to explain more about "mk1 fingers" to be honest?

    cheers to all
    John Nichol
    Medic - Saving Lives From Dunkirk To Afghanistan
  15. John it is only gentle because its CA come into the NAAFI and it would be a different story :D