Medic treats the sniper who shot him

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by chocolate_frog, May 15, 2007.

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  1. ...Well, it's the Yanks, what do you expect ? God Bless' em
  2. Good dit for the pub
  3. the sniper will probaly sue for malpractice if something goes wrong
  4. As much as it will hack off some folks, I treat on the injury, not the person. I never made a distinction between friend or foe either in the forces or the NHS with regard to the level of treatment received.

    The medic is a professional medic that has standards.

    Hat doffed and respect where it is due.

  5. hey I agree, I'm a team medic
    althou I'll see the humour in it, or id go nuts

    havent seen the vid. (land wont let me)
  6. Good stuff.

    These are the qualities we need to win.
  7. The spirit of Hippocrates lives on . . . . .

    Quae regio terrae non plena laboris?
  8. That goes back a while. It was near two years ago that this incident happened.

  9. Sweeny Todd........
  10. .....was a Barber not a doctor.

    Sweeny Todd

    And thus never took the hippocratic oath.

    Barbers did do some minor surgery though this was stopped in the late 1700s when the surgeons and Barbers formally seperated ways.

    This is why the barbers have "blood and bandage" poles outside their shops.
  11. Good work medic. We all treat (or at least, we all should treat) on the basis of severity of injury. If you're injured I don't care whose uniform you're wearing.