Medic Teams on Cambrian

2 reasons for this post;

1) to say well done to my team 254FA who managed to complete and get a bronze medal! Well done!(bragging over)

2)To find out if any other medical units took part this year and how they got on.

take care

Was your team the one from East Anglia on the 1st tranche?
Ah! Congratulation again then. I was in the team that shared the block on the Sunday morning.
I think we were in at about 0500. I'm suprised we didn't wake you because we had a "brew" before everyone got their heads down.
I think we were all pretty dead to the world! Were you the team on the left hand side of the room, there seemed to be about 4 teams in that room!
Yeah we were on the other side. I know what you mean about being dead to the world. It took me a good few days to get over that. You lot must be well chuffed with a medal after getting a certificate the year before.
We're aiming for medals next year.
I think we couldnt believe it when he pick up the boxes! Thy're trying to recruit me for next year, but I don't think so.

I'm sure you'll get a medal, now you've done it once, a medal will be fair game to get.

I know what you mean about getting over it, you may have seen me, I was the girl limping, and I'm still limping today!
Sent you a mail!
So, back to the start question, any other medical unit take part this year, and if they did, how did they get on?

:) healer

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