Medic - Saving Lives From Dunkirk To Afghanistan

Well, it took 3 years of research and writing but Medic - Saving Lives From Dunkirk To Afghanistan is now published by Viking books.

I owe a huge "Thank You!" to the many members of ARRSE who pointed me in the direction of a number of characters who appear in the book.

What's it all about? Well the clue is in the title, but, from the back cover:

"From the World War II beaches of Dunkirk to the killing fields of Afghanistan today, medics, stretcher-bearers, nurses and doctors have been at the forefront of all military conflicts. Their bravery and sacrifices are unparalleled. This is their extraordinary story..."

Many thanks to all of you who spent time with me telling your stories and re-living some pretty unpleasant experiences. I couldn't use every single account, but I hope I've done you all justice.
Bloody Hell! Is it 3 years since you made your post asking for help/info for this project? I swear, someone is stealing my time.

Congrats on completion and good luck with sales. I will probably get one.

edit to add link;

The blurb is a tad cheesy though:

Their job is to put themselves in the heart of danger - to run into battle to rescue the wounded and to risk their own lives to try and save the dying. Doctors, nurses, medics and stretcher bearers go where the bullets are thickest, through bomb alleys and mine fields, ducking mortars and rockets, wherever someone is hit and the shout goes up - 'Medic! We need a medic over here!' War at its rawest is their domain, an ugly place of shattered bodies, severed limbs, broken heads and death. This is the story of those brave men - and, increasingly in this day and age, women - who go to war armed with bandages not bombs, scalpels not swords, and put saving life above taking life. Many have died in the process, the ultimate sacrifice for others. But wherever the cry of 'Medic!' is heard, it will be answered. From the beaches of Dunkirk to the desert towns of Afghanistan, there can be no nobler cause.
It is on my Wishlist for Chrimbo, will have to leave hints around for the other half to find my Wishlist on Amazon...

Good Effort...
a customer review on Amazon:

As an ex RAMC medic in the Korean Campaign I was first in the queue to get this book. If you like blood and thunder this is it! In all its gory details it portrays the role of medic support groups on the battlefield. Disappointingly there is no mention of their actions in Korea but the book's still worth a read

It really seems that Korea is a forgotten war - any comments John?
More than happy to comment Special One -

When you write a book you have to make a judgement about what areas to include (eg, note we don't cover medics in WWI - arguably a more important area). I amassed some 2 million words of personal testimony which had to be distilled into a 150,000 word book. Again for instance, we don't cover the liberation of Belsen and the medics' incredible role in that event.

I did investigate Korea and had planned to include some accounts - but after contacting various Korean veterans' associations and societies I had very little feedback. As all of my books are based on first-hand accounts, it's impossible to write about a campaign without those personal testimonies.

Hope this helps,
Thanks John, that clears up that - I look forward to reading the book.

Nice one JN, as SE says, is it really 3 years already since that first post? I've just started Tail-End Charlies, but this one will be next.
Thought I'd let anyone interested know that "MEDIC - Saving Lives: From Dunkirk To Afghanistan" has just been published in paperback.

A snip at £8.99 and available for less at the usual outlets.

Once again, thanks to the many ARRsers who contributed and to those of you who have contacted me since publication.

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