Medic - Saving Lives From Dunkirk to Afghanistan

I want to thank all of the members of the Arrse website who helped me with the book I started nearly 3 years ago.

"Medic - Saving Lives From Dunkirk To Afghanistan" is published later this month and the serialisation started in the Daily Mail today (Saturday the 10th) - it will also run on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday next week.

There is an acknowledgement on the first page to the countless Arrse-ers who provided contacts and information and many of you will know people who appear in the book - and quite a few of you appear in person! The simple fact is, that without Arrse, I would never have found so many truly amazing characters.

I interviewed hundreds of serving and retired men and women and I can honestly say that - even after 15 years service myself - I was truly astonished by what I heard. Sadly, I couldn't use every account, but I hope I have done all those who entrusted their stories with me justice.

Once again, many thanks to all who populate this site.

John Nichol

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