MEDIC - saving lives from Dunkirk to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Bedpan2zero, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. Thanks to the assistance of website members, John Nichols new book is soon published, he wrote
    "I'm pleased to tell you that after 2 years toil "Medic - Saving Lives from Dunkirk to Afghanistan" is to be published on October the 26th by Penguin Books. I can honestly say that I have been truly amazed by the stories I have heard from medical personnel, past and present, and the courage, determination and professionalism they have displayed in the most trying of circumstances"


    Saving Lives - From Dunkirk To Afghanistan

    It is the desperate call for help that has echoed across battle-fields through the ages.

    ‘Medic! We need a medic over here! Now!’

    Doctors, nurses, medics and stretcher bearers must venture where the bullets are thickest, through bomb alleys and mine fields, ducking mortars and rockets, wherever someone is injured and the cry for assistance goes up. Their job is to put themselves in the heart of danger – to run into battle to rescue the wounded and to risk their own lives to try and save the dying.

    War at its rawest is their domain, an ugly place of shattered bodies, severed limbs and death. Theirs is the most selfless of acts. They fulfil society’s vital pledge to its warriors that they will not be abandoned on the battlefield. Yet, more often than not, what they do goes unnoticed – except by those who survive because of their extraordinary courage and skill.

    This is the story of those brave men – and, increasingly in this day and age, women – who go to war armed with bandages not bombs, scalpels not swords, and put saving life above taking life. Many have died in the process, the ultimate sacrifice for others, to ensure that when the cry of ‘Medic!’ is heard, it will be answered. Regardless of the cost.

    From the beaches of Dunkirk to the desert towns of Afghanistan, there can be no nobler cause.

    “A MAGNIFICENT book. Horrifyingly vivid and jaw-droppingly moving. So much heroism and decency on every page. It's a perspective on war that takes you right in there where it matters. Great original interviews. Brilliant story-telling. A huge achievement, it knocked me sideways” – Paul Carter, Associate Editor, Daily Mail.

    Amazon books link
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Might be getting that!
  3. Certainly might be worth a read... :)

    I'll have to keep my eyes open for it.
  4. right - got my copy ordered !
  5. I know that BedPan has already posted my thanks - but I want to add a huge, personal "THANK YOU" to the members of Arrse and particularly this forum.

    It has taken nigh on 3 years but "Medic - Saving Lives From Dunkirk To Afghanistan" is published later this month. Serialisation of the book started today (Saturday the 10th) in the Daily Mail and will continue next week.

    Many of you contacted me with your own stories or provided introductions to people you know with amazing stories to tell. Sadly, I couldn't use every account, but a number of you appear in person, and most of you will know someone who features in the book.

    It was an honour to speak with so many of you - old and young, serving and retired - I truly hope I have done your stories justice.

    many thanks again,
    John Nichol
  6. Just been reading the extract in the Mail today. Knowing both the Stu's and having a bit of knowledge about the blast etc it was good to read it from a different angle. Well done indeed.
  7. email just received from Amazon - book now en-route, being delivered by DHL :D
  8. Well, that's another for the Christmas list. Well done John.
  9. God bless ya DHL

    got my copy today - and its a BIG UP you Arrsers!!
  10. ordered my copy today, seems a while since the request for info was made on here. Hope the book will be a good factual read.
  11. Book has arrived will start it soon
  12. just ordered mine.. i only knew about it's release through this site, so thanks..
  13. Superb book John!!

    Utterly delighted to read about three of my friends in action!

    Makes me very proud to have once served with the RAMC

    ******* well done! (I've been blubbing for hours!)
  14. Thanks MTS - most generous of you.