Medic Promotion Course (TA)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by recruit7891, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi does anyone know anything about the

    TAJMQC( junior NCO course at AMSTC York)

    Just wondering what i am getting myself in for if I decide to go on the course. As I am not with a medical unit, no one has ever done it or has any idea whats involved.

  2. If you require it your unit will book it for you. It is for promotion to Cpl.
  3. I'd recommend calling AMSTC York and asking for more information or the joining instructions. Are you medically inclined?
  4. Have you tried asking this on the medics forum or checked on Armynet? The training objectives should be available online somewhere (DII?). Although you should ask other Bn medics, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't know and suggest you ringing Strensall or Keogh.

    I've seen the regular medics at Keogh doing theirs. It was funny, watching them trying to give drill orders.

    More seriously it'll be the Junior CLM for medics. so should include orders, a bit of phys, maybe service writing, etc
  5. I know its for promotion etc and i cang et it on the joining instructions but just wanted to fnid out a bit more info before booking it. I wondered if anyone had done it and knew wheater its was practical, thoery, field work? Medically focused or infantry etc.

    I am a CMT with an infantry unit so dont get to do much medical stuff.
  6. Old post I know but I'm just going through the paces to join the TA AMS myself; I've got 10 years previous service as a CMT, so I'm keen to find out what - if any - changes have been made since I left in '02. From my experience with the JNCO courses at Keogh it's pretty much all core military skills - Phys, Discipline, Drill, a bit of fieldcraft etc. It's a given that you'll be proficient medically as you'll be a CMT 1 with BARTS and BATLS, and IIRC there is little or no medical training on the course. You will however run around like a blue arsed fly :)
  7. Hole in one. And there's an FTX.

    Learn drill commands and orders process.