Medic Patrol Bergen NSN?

Have allready asked this question on the QM NSN thread but perhaps someone here can help...

Can anyone tell me the NSN for the medic patrol bergen referred to as the "Medic Version" of the NI Patrol pack?

It comes with an unzippable front and takes PLCE rocket pouches on either side, have found pictures from flea-bay but after hours of searching cannot for the life of me find its NSN.

Many Thanks


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Many thanks for that!

Just curious, when ordered does the bag come fully stocked?
If so what is in the module when it comes "delivered complete with contents" ?

I checked with our stacker and the above number is just for the bergen ( L stores ).

When I ordered it complete with contents (enough for 8 casualties) I had to get authority from Air Med Ops as it then comes with morphine which has to be stored in the med centre.
You can only order this complete to CES using a module NSN no, if you have it on your ET, or you can justify it and write an AF g8088 and get it to your Bde for signature from BOWO then to the med ET sponsor.

However you could demand this Bergen through the system as a single line demand which should get through unnoticed as long as it is not a P class item :?
Pangur_Ban said:
Why do you need it?
They make fantastic tool bags / crash out bags (nothing to do with the medical role).

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