Medic in The West Midland Regiment HQ Company?

Anybody know anything about this lot?

The West-Midlands Regiment, HQ Company
Headquarter Company
TA Centre, Fallings Park, WOLVERHAMPTON, WV10 9QR

Its close to where I may be studying for a nursing degree and I was thinking about giving them a call, (but not just yet I'm still giving my application to the regulars a little while longer - my civvy course starts in Oct)

At the risk of asking stupid questions, they have a medical section,
1. would they be likely to have any use for a student nurse?
2. failing that would they be likely to train CMT's
3. Or is everyone who joins this type of unit, as opposed to specific medical unit, already qualified in their role?

I know the real answer is to call them but I don't want to confuse issues with my current application, or wast their time if my reg application does make it on time.

All comments welcome
In answer to your questions...

1. would they be likely to have any use for a student nurse? - Yes!
2. failing that would they be likely to train CMT's - Yes.

Get yourself along on a Tuesday night and see for yourself, or phone them and ask. It's definitely worth doing, and you won't be wasting anyones time as long as you're honest about your reg application.
I am at 210 battery royal artillery, we share our ta centre with the regiment you were enquiring about. We are currently in need of medics and we would be willing to train to cmt standard. All you have to do is come to the ta centre on tuesday night at 7pm and talk to someone from 210 battery.
If you would like any more information you can pm me directly.
i would steer really clear off the wmr ,go to 210 battery their switched on,this from personnal experience,you wont do any medical training with the wmr just rubbish weekends ,that never go to plan,they all like to think their the special forces.

field hospital at birmingham uni is excellent squad to join
I've served with both 104 regt (RA) and WMR (Infantry). As a bod, it makes all the difference. As a medic, it won't make a massive amount of difference to be honest. More chicks in 104 regt... A lot more! More interesting training in the Inf.

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