Medic "embellishing" his career...

I've recently had the misfortune to make the acquaintance of an ex-medic and have found out he's been telling some pretty major porkies (invented health issues and cancer scares/education/criminal records). Luckily I'm poorer than your average church mouse and I haven't lost anything more serious than my already depleted faith in humankind. But it has sparked my interest in finding out what else he's lied about.

Now this bloke, by his account, had a pretty exciting 10 years in the RAMC. I won't go into too much detail on thread but his career, roughly, goes:

Joined 1988, 3AFA during Op Granby (although this later changed to 2AFA), 22 Fd Hosp and/or 23 PFA (it all goes a bit hazy after this) until around 94/95 before selection for MSU. It all ended rather dramatically with a chute failure whilst HALO jumping over Malta (?!). Oh yes, and that resulted in him being the first person to have MRSA in the UK, closing down the CMH because of it (circa 1997). Due to his build and his ironic nickname, you wouldn't forget this guy in a hurry.

So, does this ring any bells with anyone? Would you like to confirm or deny via PM? I'm not going to out him in public and I won't do anything with the information, like I said, just want to find out just how big a fantasist he is.
CMH did shut following an MRSA outbreak that was bought back after a load of para's bought it back from Sardinia (I think - memory a little hazy from my Aldershot days), but it wasn't 1997, must have been 1995 as I was at BMH Rinteln by 1997,

Hope this helps a little.
Sardinia jump IIRC was 1994 but before they deployed to Rowanda around Nov 94?? pretty sure it didnt happen during my time at PFA, although we did go to France and have a nasty accident or two.... who would of thought that the 127 would have been needed to collect casualties from the DZ instead of storing all our stubbies??? Took days to get rid of the smell of beer from the smashed bottles :(
Found link to the Sardinia jump, INJURED PARAS TO SUE ARMY OVER DROP ZONE DISASTER. - Free Online Library

Thanks for the info. Anyone involved in treating the injured in CMH? I know it's a long time ago and memories are hazy but whilst you might not remember his name, you'd never forget hefting this guy around! Maybe he's just got his timeline wrong... and the location...
MRSA was first identified in the UK in 1961, but became a real problem in 1993 when there was 51 deaths due to MRSA in the UK & this increased to over 1500 in 2006.

CMH shut its doors in late 1995, finally closing in Feb 1996 with some of us forgoten few still there a year later. NO inpatient beds only a few QM types & GUM Clinic
I have found one person that served in an RAMC unit with him, and know two others who knew him whilst he was serving, so I'm fairly confident that he is ex-RAMC.
Dont remember coming across him at PFA during my time there 94 - 96 although if he went for MSU in 94 that could be the reason. Also pretty sure that a chute failure from a HALO jump would result in certain death considering they jump from over 25,000 ft... I witnessed a few pile in whilst in France from 600 ft and that wasnt pretty :(
Sorry, my fault due to ignorance. By "chute failure", I didn't mean failure to open, but that it collapsed after opening.

Story goes his chute collapsed due to "updraft of thermals" (I know nothing about parachuting so no idea if that's right) at 500ft. He's certainly got evidence of pretty major leg damage. After spending time at Headley Court, they were unable to rehabilitate to full fitness and he was medically downgraded. As he didn't fancy going into Stores, he took a medical discharge.
I'd be surprised if he caught a thermal on the Sardinia jump - it was f***ing windy on that day, but yes, a lot of people did whistle in quite badly (not helped by a rock hard DZ covered in ruts and rocks, and the new "dog's dick" container release system that didn't work with heavy containers).
More importantly did he get inside your draws?
One of my JNCOs at Frimley was an Ex-Para who creamed in on the Sardinia jump, got a fair whack in compensation and transfered to ODP rather than leave the Army.

He was a big lad and a good egg, your walt wont be him.
No, won't be him Filbert as he didn't change trades after sustaining the injury. Big lad, and on the face of it, a good egg. Just dig a little under the surface and you find there's no substance...
Thanks for the PM, Never heard of him.
that jump was not the Ex purple something that we spent months treating ankle and lower leg injurys for was it ?
that jump was not the Ex purple something that we spent months treating ankle and lower leg injurys for was it ?
No. Ex Purple Star was in North Carolina USA. Dont remember that many injuries on that, except for one near fatality from 9 Sq RE i think.
Purple Star - one of the Brigade staff broke his back in 1994 or possibly 95?
Purple Victory was in Oct - Nov 1985. I was at 23 PFA at the time and Ive never heard of the bloke.
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