Medic Cpl. Harper aka "H" RGBW UNPROFOR Gorazde Bosnia?

Hi there,

I am from Norway and had the privilege to serve together with the RGBW in Gorazde Bosnia in 1994. Unfortunately it was during the two tragic traffic accidents involving the Saxon.

I had very good contact with the soldiers there and had some contact after with one of the medics, a Cpl. nicknamed "H" I belive his name was Harper.

If anyone knows him, his whereabouts or how I could get in touch with him, I would really appreciate to get a PM or note here.

Vertical greetings Luis "€VonPsyko"€ aka Fonzie (RGBW nick)

Edit: I was with the NorMedCoy unit from Blue Factory in Tuzla serving as signalist and had also the odd job as dog-cleanzer..
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